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Professional Accreditation - Protection - Guarantee for every Complementary Therapist and Training Provider

Are you looking for an approved therapist/practitioner or training provider?  

The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) has been developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all hold relevant qualifications or experience to recognised levels. All our IPHM members are individually assessed and checked by IPHM so that you know that the service they offer is accountable and reliable.

Choose IPHM for Confidence & Trust

  • Our target is to offer our customers a service that they don’t only need, but can trust and have confidence in.
  • Are you a qualified therapist? - If yes then you can join one of the largest independent professional therapists association worldwide - Join Here 
  • Are you a training provider looking to accredit your training courses?  - Join Here
We are here for you whether you are starting on your journey to accreditation for the very first time or thinking about transferring from your current accrediting board. 

Just a few of the benefits for IPHM Members

  • Become an Internationally Recognised member - option to have a dedicated profile page featuring your business name and logo reaching thousands of potential clients 
  • Low cost insurance discounts available that specifically covers over 1000's of complementary health, beauty, and spiritual modalities
  • Advertise and promote your services free at any time on our events page
  • Use the letters IPHM after your name and use our logo on your own stationary and website 
  • Be part of a worldwide recognised organisation
  • One Simple Membership
  • Professional Recognition
  • 1000+ Modalities covered - Check if we cover your therapy or training - here

The IPHM approved status is awarded by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, of who have assessed the coursework or details/qualifications provided by the member and have agreed to approve their training methods or therapies depending on membership level requested. 

Why Join IPHM: You would not drive a car without a licence. IPHM is your licence to offer your services. We are one of the largest internationally trusted and recognised independent accreditation boards worldwide.

When you become a member of IPHM you are listed on our website and become part of a huge community of natural health & complementary/beauty/holistic and spiritual practitioners/counsellors/animal healers etc.. 

  • Be identified as a professional in your field and build a positive reputation by using the IPHM logo, this will offer your clients the assurance they want
  • Join a network and community of other successful therapists/training providers committed to offering a professional quality service to their clients.
  • Get ahead of your competitors with an option for free monthly advertising of your services via our workshops and events page
  • Being accredited by an international recognised awarding body is a stamp of approval which can then enhance the value of your bespoke services.
  • Use the letters IPHM after your name
  • Discounts on products and insurance
  • Your unique listing alone provides a gateway to promote your services to like-minded potential clients.

IPHM is not just an accreditation board. We pride ourselves on our personal service. Each and every application is assessed individually by one of our team. We know you have worked hard to gain your qualifications and we are here every step of the way.

Boost Your Credibility and Join us today.

Join IPHM Today

Join IPHM Today

International Worldwide Accreditation Available for Therapists and Training Providers.

We accept members worldwide - UK, Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia etc...

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The association is a support group for complementary/alternative therapists, spiritual healers, counsellors, beauty and health practitioners, and training providers which was founded and run by a committee of its members. All our members abide by our Code of Ethics.


by the Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) is a guarantee of quality and expertise. It means that the College, School or Learning Programme has been evaluated and approved by a panel of experienced Practitioners and Professionals. We are able to maintain the highest of standards in natural therapy for the benefit of both the Practitioners and their clients. Our accreditation appears on all Certificates that are issued to our registered training providers and tutors. Our IPHM endorsed therapists also hold an approved certificate issued by IPHM.


Full Annual Basic Membership costs from just £120.00 that's less than £2.35 a week, same price now as a cup of coffee and includes your therapy badge and accredited certificate and option to advertise your services free of charge. If you are a course provider or tutor and would like your training school accredited by iphm then please see our Training providers page. Guarantee no price increase ever (T&Cs apply)

Discount Insurance:

Our subscribed members may also be eligible to qualify for discount when applying for insurance. 

What our clients say...

“IPHM offer a professional accreditation service, which I have found very useful for holistic training certificates and insurance.”

Sue Holmes

“I deliver Complementary therapies and massage courses at Brighton School of Massage in Sussex. All my courses are accredited with IPHM. They are an accrediting company with high standards which is excellent. That means that all my students qualifying at Brighton School of Massage will leave with a highly qualified diploma course. IPHM accredits is recognised world wide so as a course provider my students are assured of many opportunities in the UK and abroad.”

Angelic Skoberla

“An excellent organisation that is actively supporting many of alternative healthcare practitioners like myself worldwide”

Devaraj Sandberg

“A very professional organisation accrediting holistic training providers and therapists”

Michelle Burton - Lytham, Lancs UK

“Absolutely priceless! This company has top class customer services, professional support and I can honestly say I would be lost without them. My membership has been worth every penny and so much more”

Jennifer Lousie - Sound of a Bell, Aberdeenshire

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