The IPHM trustmark serves as a symbol of trust and reliability for holistic and alternative therapists, practitioners, and training providers.

Welcome to IPHM – The largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide, specialising in certifying alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, and training providers who practice holistic and alternative therapies.
Our aim is to ensure that these professionals adhere to high standards of good and proper practice, empowering individuals to access the best possible care and treatment.
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Get IPHM certified today

Get IPHM certified today

Get IPHM certified and receive exclusive use of our Trustmark – recognised internationally by clients for good and proper practice.

Benefits also include:

  • Straightforward and affordable certification so it’s easy for you to get accredited.
  • Professional recognition that you provide a standard of quality people can trust.
  • Dedicated IPHM profile page, helping you reach 1000s of potential clients.
  • Low cost insurance discounts to cover your practice at an affordable rate.
  • Free monthly advertising to promote your services to even more potential clients.
  • You join one of the largest professional therapist communities in the world.

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Get IPHM certified and receive exclusive use of our Trustmark – recognised internationally by clients for good and proper practice. Benefits also include:

Apply to be an IPHM member using our straightforward online application form

The IPHM Board will review your application and follow up with any extra questions

If your application meets the board’s standards – congratulations, you are IPHM certified

We already help hundreds of IPHM approved practitioners all over the world.

“The ladies at IPHM always respond so quickly to queries and we have been able to recommend IPHM to lots of coaches seeking accreditation. Any changes asked for on our profile happen so quickly, just love the service and friendly feel. Thank you!”

Bee Sober

“I run a metaphysical training foundation and have done for the past 11 years. IPHM were the first people I thought of to be ambassadors for my practitioners. What I mean by that is it was important for me to have accreditation and approved training standards and the IPHM offer that for all Metatronia Training services. I wouldn’t be without it to be quite honest. They are a great company and I’d even go beyond that and say they are a must have for those who work in the holistic Therapy business especially on the Teacher/training side.”

Tammy Majchrzak

“IPHM are a great organisation to be a part of! They are so helpful and very efficient!”

Annette Brown

“Being an accredited healer gives my clients peace of mind that I have trained with the best. It offers free advertising for all events etc and you get a full page for your companies advisement with your Executive Membership. Definitely my go to place when I'm advertising.”

Kimberley Warhurst

“A very professional organisation accrediting holistic training providers and therapists”

Michelle Burton - Lytham, Lancs UK

Get IPHM certified today

We accept members worldwide. From Europe, to America, to Asia and beyond.

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IPHM Members can get discounted insurance from our preferred Insurance Providers.

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