Love Sweets -Learn to Share

Enjoying sweets or a nice dessert after a satisfying meal is something that a lot of people whom are on a diet tend to miss out on. Having a sweet at your local or favourite restaurant can often mean the difference between ruining your good intentions or leaving you feeling left out.  The portion sizes are often large an incredibly rich and most people will feel a sense of overindulgence when eating a whole one. So next time don't miss out, simply share your next dessert or sweet with a fellow diner. This way you still get the feeling of having what you wanted without the added calories. Another option is to opt for a coffee instead.

Always Leave Something on your plate

Many of us have been strictly brought up to clear off our plates. How many times do you recall having to remember all the starving people in the world who would be grateful for your dinner. Of course then if you didn't finish it you would be made to feel ungrateful. However this is an old habit and one you should try and change. You can do this  by simply learning to leave a little food at the end of every meal. Even if its only that last chip. This way you will learn to break a bad habit and save yourself some calories from every single meal. That can certainly add up over a month. 

Ditch the Sugar… You know it makes sense

With so much talk of how bad sugar is and also how bad sweeteners are for our health the best bet is to simply stop adding sugar to things. You will get used it and it will not take long before the huge benefits of doing this one thing will be noticeable not only on your health but on your waistline. Tea and coffee will soon be tasty without sugar and you will find that you will want it less and less. 

Source: Luna Holistics offering courses in Health and Nutrition