Alternative Therapies for Allergies
By: Mercedes Aspland

Many people suffer from some form of allergy or another and the reaction can sometimes be very serious. Although for some they may need to stay away from the substance all together for others they have a mild reaction and so may want to seek treatment. Alternative therapies can be very effective on allergies and there are a number of options available to you. In this article we will consider some of the alternative therapies that can help you overcome your therapies and what you need to consider before beginning treatment.

Alternative Therapies for Allergies

There are some over the counter remedies you can get to help reduce the symptoms of an allergy however there are alternative therapies that could help clear up the allergy altogether. Having said that if you have an allergy that causes a dangerous reaction then the best course of action is to avoid the reactant altogether. Below is a list of possible therapies you can try.

1. Herbal Medicine - herbs are one of the most effective treatments for allergies and are often recommended to many people. The herb that will be best for your particular allergy will vary depending on your symptoms and what causes the allergy. It is a good idea to consult a herbalist to discuss your allergy and to select the herb that may be best for your treatment.

2. Nutritional Supplements - for some people changes in diet or taking nutritional supplements can have a significant effect on their allergy. For example if you have hay fever then eating local honey in the run up to spring can significantly reduce the symptoms. A visit to a nutritional therapist could help you get the right advice and dietary changes.

3. Homeopathy - this therapy works by giving you remedies that contain a small amount of what causes your condition. If you visit a homeopath they will take a full history from you as well as information of your condition. This will although them to give you a remedy that is suited for you and your allergy.

4. Acupuncture - this is an ancient Chinese therapy that inserts needles at certain points in the body to balance the energy flow around the body and bring it back to health. It is thought to be very effective on allergies and is a valuable option. Also if you are afraid of needles you can try acupressure which uses pressure rather than needles.

5. Hypnosis - this works along the theory that your mind can control your physical reactions. By talking directly to the subconscious mind you can change your reaction to a number of substances and so remove your allergy.

6. Other therapies - there are also a number of other therapies that can be very useful and they include Ayurveda, Chiropractic and desensitisation techniques. All of these are thought to be useful in reducing the reaction or completely removing an allergy.


As you can see there are a large number of alternative therapies that could help with your allergies. Before you select one it is important to do full research of them and understand the risks and benefits they can have for you. Once you are aware of the therapy that you want to use then you need to carefully select a therapist to help you. They should have experience in treating allergies and also a client list that you can contact to get feedback. If you are concerned about how the treatment could interfere with any conventional medicine you are taking you should also consult your doctor to ensure you are safe.

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