Changing your career can mean a new and wonderful start but make sure its a change in the right direction

Working in the health sector had never been more important and finally health workers, the NHS and therapists and counsellors are now being appreciated for all the great work they have always done and continue to do so during this current worldwide Pandemic.

Are you on lockdown? - At the time of writing this blog most of the world is currently on lockdown. This could be a great opportunity to see if its now time for a change of career. (Find Tips on how to help with mental health issues on lockdown)

Many people change their career for many reasons. It could be you have been made redundant and are now wondering what to do or have always wanted to do something that is more rewarding spiritually rather than just financially. If you have considered working in the field of health then now has never been a better time to start.

Where do I start?

Now is a great time to look for something new and certainly a great time for some home study. Many healers and therapists offer their services online or via skype, zoom calls, email referral etc.. So if you are looking now to study then you can start by googling some courses you may find interesting or as the IPHM already have a list of Professional Training providers worldwide waiting to assist you, why not start here!

Starting a Career as a holistic/health practitioner
Working as a health practitioner is a rewarding and healthy career choice. Not only will you learn how to heal others but you will also gain invaluable information on how to keep yourself and your loved ones in optimal health. There are now so many holistic therapies to choose from and more and more people are turning to holistic practitioners for advise and treatments. This has never been a better time to be involved.

Professional Training Courses

There are many types of training and many now offer online training which at this present time is the only way to train.

Accredited internationally you will find that choosing an IPHM training proivder will offer you the qualifications and support you require to work as an independent therapist. So if you have been thinking of changing your career then why wait. Enrol today and change your life for the better.

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