Aromatherapy involves the use of oils and extracts of flowers, trees, and other natural sources. While scientists don’t understand exactly how aromatherapy works, it’s theorized that the oils stimulate receptors in the nose and nerves throughout the body that connect to the brain to affect the immune system, emotions, and other systems. They’re effectively used as additional treatments for sleep disorders, anxiety, aches and pains, infection, and much more.

But it can be hard to find time to stop and smell the roses. Some creativity and a little knowledge about when and which oils to use can go a long way. 

Energize Your Morning
Include a rub or spray of essential oils first thing in the morning to waken the mind or treat any ailments before you leave your home. Grapefruit oil is a natural energizer and boosts metabolism. Another option is a good dose of peppermint, which shows the potential to enhance the flow of oxygen and make you feel more awake. If you’re dealing with aches, pains, or injury, try rubbing chamomile oil on the affected area for its natural analgesic effect.  

Fill Your Work Space
Essential oil diffusers  are a great way to fill any space with health-boosting scents but especially your workspace. Their designs blend with almost any decor. From faux wood models to those that change color according to your preferences, there’s a model that can be as noticeable or incognito as you need it to be. 

If you’ll be using the diffuser in a shared space, be sure to respect the needs and sensitivities of those around you. What’s soothing to you could be the start of a headache for the person in the next cubicle.

Boost Your Mood
Whether you’re exercising or running to keep up with a busy schedule, essential oils can be used to boost your energy and mood. Lemongrass can help your energy levels with eucalyptus to elevate your mood. Keep a little in your backpack, briefcase, or purse. You can create your own scents for a quick spray.  Oils should always be diluted, especially lemongrass as it a well known irritant for some. 

Slow Down Your Evening
The evening has some special considerations. You’re tired and potentially stressed after professional demands, and you might face challenging circumstances at home too. Essential oils can be added to a calming bath. You get the benefit of the scented steam plus the chance to absorb the oil through the skin. 

Jasmine or lavender make wonderful additions to your evening. Inhaled lavender can deepen your sleep while jasmine rivals prescription drugs like valium in its sedative effect.  Both can also be natural mood enhancers.  

Dot Your Life with Aromatherapy Helpers
Essential oils are used as ingredients in perfumes, candles, and lotions. Hot and cold packs, bath salts, and facial masks, the number of ways you can incorporate them into your life goes on and on. 

While they might not have their most potent impact in some of these forms, they can still provide positive benefits that help you through the day. Keep them ready and waiting for those days when the stress and anxiety feel like too much; when work has you on edge; or when you’re trying to avoid the latest cold. 

Aromatherapy provides a natural way to enhance your health. They support your goals, and their natural origins give you some options that don’t involve the chemicals or preservatives you’d rather avoid.  A must have for any therapist is a good Essential Oil diffuser/humidifyer. 

Source: Nisha Miller