How I became a Sound Healer

Intriguing title that I chose for my first blog as a Sound Healer. Leaving a 20 plus year career in Financial Planning, which has consumed so much of my life, to then turning that on its head to become a sound healer where I’ve found a purpose that lights me up every morning has truly been life changing. Being in a position to come back to my highest self, whilst helping others to do the same, brings me fulfilment and gives me the feeling that WE are changing the consciousness of the World, one human soul at a time. 

I was at a point in my career where I enjoyed the work that I did, love the people that I work with and felt refreshed knowing that they held the same core values that I did. Though, something still felt “missing”. The intimacy still felt lacking and each morning I woke up feeling like there is more that I can do.

More people that I can help, to be more authentic and in touch with what matters the most – their love of oneself. 

In our current world where everything is all about being busy and doing, the sound frequencies give you the opportunity to instead, slow down and just "being in flow" in the present moment.

We all have our own different journeys we must take and my story has so far been challenging but beautiful at the same time. I was approaching 40 and was dealing with my own challenges: my own infidelity in my marriage, divorced, I had a distraught 3 year old son, had moved back into my mother’s home, there were affairs to numb the pain of feeling alone, I was facing my childhood traumas of abandonment, poverty, abuse and violence. They were prevalent and were taking charge of what I let continue to be my reality now. I’d say growing up was emotionally chaotic and my self-regulation of it has and still is my teaching path.  

I started to see and be more of an observer of my life. This is when I found myself in Wales in 2019 at a Shamanic Practitioner course and then two years later being led to the Lammas Earth Centre to embody and learn about the “Power of the Sounds”. When I received the email from my teacher Hoppi it said “Be prepared to change your life” – I thought it was a bit extreme, but bhoy! Was that completely true. 
Over a year has passed, now a qualified Sound Healer. Each time I work with the Sounds, there is always more to learn and understand about others and myself. 

So, what have I got to confess and what are my lessons!? I hear you asking. I am leaving this to you, the trusted reader, the person this is meant to land with, to have read this far and so, let’s crack on with it
shall we.

Confession 1: “I don’t think I can work with her”

It is so basic, but we all do it. We make an assumption of how someone is by the initial conversation/interaction that we have with them. And based on our past experiences we make a judgement on whether we like them or not. Kayla (name changed for the purpose of the blog) was one of the ladies that was referred to me to work with, as my one to one case studies. Our initial conversation was smooth enough. I didn’t know what she did for a living, but she seemed like a pretty busy woman, and felt very masculine in her approach. It followed with text after text of trying to schedule a time of when she can come in and I felt my time was being controlled by her timetable and this irritated me. Instantly, I thought “Oh no, are we going to get along? Could I work with her?”

I checked in with my pendulum to help me scribe if I should continue working with her (if you knew me before all of this, this would have sounded so illogical of me, but doing this helps me touch into my own intuition).
We eventually got the first session booked and she turned up. For some reason, I was half expecting her to be late but she wasn’t. In the end, the transformation seen in her has been one of the most eye opening one for her and me. Seeing the changes in her was like seeing a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Her relationships healed and she was able to be an observer of her emotions and thoughts. Turning her thoughts of being a victim to that of understanding and empowerment. My lesson is to be mindful of letting my past experiences dictate how my future would shape up. Also, how it is interacting with my current relationships in the now. The resentment of being controlled what to do stems from a place when I was a teenager and suffered physical abuse from one of my mother’s boyfriend. I need to remember those days are behind me. I am now safe and I no longer let that experience rule me.

Really, on most occasions when I get these kinds of interactions, it is because people are too busy trying to figure out their own lives, no other offence is being inflicted.


Confession 2 : But I have expectations that I want to meet!

Going on a holiday to Sharm El Sheikh was a way for me to: relax, unwind, uncoil from the months and months that I had not realised I was living under survival mode. My expectations were set high, EXPECTING to not need to tackle any challenges. My first error was just that “having expectations” on how the holiday with my son, Cristian, was going to be. From thinking I had lost our passport on arrival at the hotel, experiencing a strong male dominated culture, flights incorrectly booked, hotel booked one night short, my son getting in a hot mess by innocently throwing rocks, my son stuck to my side permanently, all before the second night! At this point I had to take a hold of myself, take a backseat and understand the lessons behind all of this. This would have been my third time in the country, the other two trips have been more of a carefree, no kids zone. My first lesson was not to live in the past, expecting things to be the same as how it was before. Expecting my 8 year old son to like all the same things that I did before. By accepting that things are so much different now, that I’m a single mum with a young boy in tow, this holiday is “family time”. When I accepted this perspective, a family with two boys manifested themselves to us whom we hung out with. Cristian had the best time on holiday and I got some breathing space for my hips. It was amazing; I asked inadvertently, and the Universe delivered. Secondly, was to take my negative outlook of my experience so far with the social interaction of the male dominated culture and attract a more positive interaction. Instantly, it no longer bothered me how some of the men looked down on women, because I was only getting interactions that were friendly, respected women, helpful and light-hearted.

Confession 3 : I hate running!

Since childhood, being gifted the privilege of being petite, therefore meant I had shorter legs, not the genetics for a natural born runner. I kept looking at running as this big long slog that I have to do and only focussed on the challenges it brought me. The distance that I have to cover, that my breathing is not sufficient enough to keep me running for longer than a minute or maybe even less, my achy joints and muscles and so on! Yes! I was and felt really pointless at it. Until I started being mindful about how I ran, watching what thoughts was coming up in my mind, how far I was looking ahead. I received some really interesting thoughts from two of my closest and trusted friends delivered separately though the same meaning. If I am feeling to stop, rather than just stopping and saying in my mind that I cannot do it, how about? But what if I don’t stop? What if I just pass this piece of stick laying on the ground that’s a metre away from me and then the next and the next and the next. Next thing I knew, I had covered ¾ of the field running! Whereas before I could only just about
cover ¼ before stopping and heaving for a breath.

Then I thought about how this relates to my everyday life. The anxiousness that I am feeling about the big task of getting myself, as a Sound Healer, out there, to actually be OUT there and doing the work to survive and thrive helping people. This felt like a BIG task. And I kept thinking, I need to be out there, this far into the distance NOW. Putting into play what I learnt in practice of running – What if I just concentrate what is right in front of me? What if I just meet up with this person? What if I am just happy with offering what I already have to offer? What are the small wins that I could do, to push me to my next small win? No matter how small. For example today, I woke up early, got out of the house for a run, I did three laps, I had a meaningful and conscious conversation with my mum (this is no small feat), having a first conversation with a lady in charge of working with people living with dementia and Alzheimer and how we could collaborate – they all feel like small wins, though they add up to monumental gains and really get me to where I want to be in my life.
And as I sit on my bean bags with my lighted candles, a hope appears in my heart that all will be okay and to FINALLY finish this blog that I have been working on for over a month 
And so, this is where I leave you for now, till the next time.

Source: Cherlyn Duran Farrales Baldwin - IPHM Executive Therapist