As a newbie to all things holistic, getting to know Claudette was an absolute pleasure and breath of fresh air! She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and absolutely hilarious! Learning about hypnotherapy was just as exciting and can offer so much more than I ever imagined!

Sometimes it just takes one moment or experience to change your life! It all started in 1996 when Claudette’s husband got her tickets to see Paul Mckenna (Paul William McKenna is a British hypnotist, behavioural scientist, television and radio broadcaster and author of self-help books). She had never heard of him before but was absolutely blown away! She ended up seeing him three more times and bought every book that she could find that was about hypnotherapy! She absolutely immersed herself in all things hypnotherapy

Claudette trained in 2006, whilst working full time! Once trained, she completed two more courses in hypnotherapy to gain more confidence and experience before she practiced on clients. Until one day in 2013 when one of her teachers encouraged her to get started on clients! 

However, Claudette’s life plan had other plans when she moved to Canada for her husband's job! Returning to England in 2016, she finally hypnotised her first client! Ten years later! The client was suffering terribly from asthma, she had been hospitalised and wanted something for her to help manage her symptoms. Once she had been hypnotized she noticed a huge change in her symptoms, as did her friends and family! 

Since 2016 Claudette has worked with lots of clients and made huge differences to their lives. 

Claudette has helped clients with bad headaches (migraines that meant he was unable to function) - hospital medical care had reached a dead end. The clients wife got in touch and arranged a session with Claudette and from then on the headaches stopped. That was over two years ago! 

Another one of Claudette’s clients suffered with agoraphobia, the client felt unable to leave the house. The client was apprehensive to have hypnotherapy alone, however she felt happy to complete hypnotherapy in a group with friends. After the session, she said she felt great, that things had lifted and that there had been a positive shift in her being. Claudette received a lot of love and appreciation from the client's four children who were now able to spend time outside their home with their mother. 

People come to Claudette with different issues they’d like to be resolved including weight loss, stress, confidence with driving, sleep. Claudette has also helped one of her clients give up alcohol!  Dependent on the issue clients can have either one or several sessions depending on how quickly people's minds adapt to the therapy. One of her favorite achievements was stopping her son from smoking! 

Being a keen reader and learner, she is also looking into life coaching and she is also really interested in the law of attraction and being able to share that knowledge and privilege with others, as Claudette finds it so fulfilling being able to help people. 


What would you say to anyone that is considering hypnotherapy?

“Come and see me because I’m bloody good! People often know about hypnotherapy but often do not understand it. I’d like to be able to share that knowledge with as many people as possible!”

If hypnotherapy is something that you’re interested in, please contact Claudette and tell her that you are interested in a zoom taster session as she has a limited number of sessions available to IPHM blog readers!

Please check out Claudette’s profile for more information.