Six Signs in the palms that show if you attract the opposite sex

Palmistry to attract opposite sex

Talking about love relationships, many will wish they are charming and welcomed by the opposite sex. And the palms can really show your charm. You should make a comparison of both hands and make a good reflection. 

1.    Long or short little finger
The person who has the long little finger is the one that is good at showing off himself/herself. He or she can naturally show his/her charm. Therefore, he/she will be welcomed by the opposite sex. 

On the contrary, the person who has the short little finger cannot open himself or herself. However, he or she will have a pleasant love. He or she will impress the opposite sex with the unique image of gloom. 

2.    Long ring finger
The owner will have bright charisma. Whether the owner is introvert or outward, he or she will be very attractive.

3.    Many branches and thin lines in the heart line
The complex heart line represents that the owner is full of feeling. This is the point that the owner attracts the opposite sex.

4.    Possession of Girdle of Venus
The owner has a strong sensitivity. Although the owner will be neurotic, he or she can still deliver his or her charming attitude. Therefore, he or she can attract the opposite sex.

5.    Many Influence Lines
The owner has the charm of attracting the opposite sex. He or she will be welcomed by the opposite sex. At the same time, he or she is easily attracted by the opposite sex.

6.    Many Marriage Lines
The owner likes approaching the opposite sex. Moreover, various kinds of opposite sex will become your lover.

Source: Janet Li IPHM -  accredited Therapist
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