Book Reveiw - From Client to Clinic Owner - create your wellbeing business from the inside out - Author: Helen Pinnock

If you are in the business of wellbeing, whether you are offering beauty treatments, holistic therapies, counselling etc.. this book if for you.

This book is a pleasure to pick up and read. It is well written and with nicely laid out text thus making it easy to read the pages that make absorbing the important information offered within effortless.

I found this so inspiring that I had already completed a mission statement about my own business after only reading a few pages. Something I had been meaning to get around to but having never realised the importance of it before or how easy it would be to actually do until following the positive and helpful advice written down.

Helen Pinnock the author in her own words says “ I am passionate about helping therapists create successful wellbeing businesses as well as helping them to find the clients they are supposed to be working with” . Well she certainly shares her huge passion and knowledge inside the pages of this book and with so many helpful tips and advice I really believe anyone working in the industry of health and wellbeing will benefit from reading this.

Some of the topics covered to name but a few include such things as how much should you charge for your services? – always a touchy subject with therapists, however, she offers some great practical advise on how to work out your own pricing strategy. Tips on creating a great trustworthy website for your business and how to get yourself noticed both online and offline are other subjects covered.

So if you are self-employed or soon to be so, and would like to get your business off on the right foot and avoid all the pitfalls of setting up on your own then I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book today. 

Source: Trish Kershaw

You can Order a copy of this book via Amazon. 


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