What is a hangover?
Basically if you are suffering from a hangover you are suffering from toxic poisoning. This causes effects on your body that can cause you pain.

Did you know that for every 4 alcoholic drinks you have,  this leads up to a litre of fluid to be lost from your system. Hence the set in of dehydration and the main cause of that banging head the day after. 

Low Blood Sugar
A hangover can cause low blood sugar in your body when you are sleeping. The body fuels itself with glucose stored in the liver, however if the liver is having to deal with alcohol its will stop the rest of its other jobs. This  is why when you wake up you still feel tired due to low blood sugar levels. This can also cause you to have the shakes and leave you feeling light headed.

Natural therapies and exercise can help to ease your body after a heavy session of drinking. Learn how to kick start it so it will heal itself and you will soon be feeling better.

Aromatherapy and Hangover cures
It has been scientifically proved that Lavender oil takes just 10 minutes to lower blood pressure. Using anti-hangover oils on your body will have a similarly rapid effect. One of the best hangover treatment using oils is two drops of Fennel oil and 2 drops of juniper oil and use as an inhalation. The Romans use to use rose oil to fight hangovers because it is said to help balance the body and as it does not have a diuretic action it will not cause further dehydration.To use this treatment simply add two drops of rose oil to a carrier oil and massage into your hands, especially massage the fleshy areas between thumb and forefinger. You will then be using a special acupressure point to prevent headaches. (do not use if pregnant) 

Food for Hangovers
Most of us reach for food when hungover and this is exactly what you should do. Food is the natural way to detox you as it will provide you with everything you need to make yourself feel better, but first you must eat to help stabilise your blood sugar levels. It will also help you to replenish Vitamins B and C that would have been destroyed and lost by drinking the alcohol in the first place.

Best Foods to eat