The relationship between owners and pets can be the key to leading a more fulfilling life. Here on IPHM we have discussed how massaging your pet can help reduce their stress and increase the bond between you both. Studies have also shown that the bond can go both ways, and that pets can positively affect humans - particularly when it comes to sleeping. To get the full health benefits of sleep you need to get the 7–9 hours of sleep recommended by The Sleep Council. For many people getting the recommended amount is a challenge in modern society’s busy culture. The good news for dog owners is that sleeping with your dog in the same room is believed to help combat sleep deprivation.

The Study

Time referenced a new Mayo Clinic study that notes people with a canine companion in their bedroom, but not on their beds, slept more efficiently compared to those who didn’t have a pet or allowed them in the bedroom.

In the Time article, sleep medicine specialist, and lead author of the Mayo Clinic study, Dr. Lois Krahn points out that having an animal companion in a room brings a certain level of comfort for pet owners. “To have a purring cat or a well-behaved dog nearby may be very relaxing and conducive to sleep,” noted Dr. Krahn.

The results of the study are certainly welcome news for dog owners who have problems falling asleep. However, as the Time article notes, the sample size of the study was very small, and the results may not apply to all. She also pointed out that the study was only conducted using households with a single dog. Multiple pets are more likely to cause a disruption.

Dr. Krahn offers a ready solution: find a setup that works. So if sharing your bed with your dog helps you sleep without a hitch, then let your beloved canine snooze with you. Finding the right solution is often the key to sleep. Leesa published a sleeping guide that list 25 strategies that will help you fall asleep. While they may not include a canine companion in the list, point #20 could be applied to cuddling up to a dog to stop you tossing and turning during the night.

The Need for Sleep

Always keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is important, and regularly getting it gives you plenty of benefits. The National Health Service lists the benefits of adequate sleep, which include boosting immunity, warding off heart diseases and diabetes, enhancing mental wellbeing, and controlling weight.

So if you're not getting the recommended 7–9 hours of sleep, now might just be the right time to make some much needed changes. If sleeping with your dog in your bedroom doesn’t work for you, Dr. Krahn says that at least your pet will be resting well.

Scource: Scarlett Cole