How to feel  better

It’s easy in this difficult time to get stuck in a low mood without seeing any light at the end of the ‘COVID-19 tunnel. We must not allow ourselves to be held back, to let the dark autumn nights draw our mood down.
Feeling lost, feeling empty and devoid of all positivity is a hole so easy to slip into and stay there, curled up just wishing that life was better.

Well life can be better, if we allow it to be and shift our focus just a little.  We may not be able to solve all of the world’s problems, or all of our problems for that matter, but we can adjust to make life a ‘little lighter’ and a ‘little kinder’.

No Energy or Motivation - After all, as we can only control our attitudes, now is the time to start being kinder, and caring towards ourselves.  How easy it can be to let the basics of self-care slip. When it feels like we have no energy, no motivation; hopelessness prevails and the ever decreasing circle of self-deprecation starts to spiral.

A shift from the ‘it’s not fair’ to a ‘I’m going to do this’ feels like a seismic change, when in reality it is only one thought out of millions of thoughts that we have every day.



Things to be grateful for - The ‘I’m going to do this’ starts to appreciate what I have, how often we take the basics of our lives for granted.  How fortunate are we to have a roof over our head right here, right now.  How fortunate we are to have clothes to wear, even if they aren’t the latest fashions or designer gear. Have we had the opportunity to eat in the last 24 hours, again, it may not have been at a Michelin starred restaurant, but it was food. And of course, even if the weather outside is not great, how lucky we are to be able to breathe in the air of the day. We are still on this planet, and whilst we are on this planet we have choices, they may be small choices, but they are all ours to make. And we also have opportunities, again they may be only tiny opportunities, but they are there for us.

A small change in our attitudes can have a seismic change for our lives; this shift starts a chain reaction of thought patterns and actions that will benefit us more than we can realise. It starts somewhere, it starts here.

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Source: World Organization for Fitness & Wellness IPHM accredited