Mari Helin-Tuominen

When it comes to studying - whether it be for classes on crystals, energy, or massage courses, we could all use a little boost in the memory skill department. While there may be many methods out there for improving or activating our potential for memorisation, it really does not need to be complicated. Below are three simple holistic approaches to implement into your lifestyle and study routine that will help you retain and utilise the information you need, while reducing unnecessary and counterproductive stress.
B-vitamins, and B12 in particular, have long been associated with healthy ageing, overall mental well-being, and improved short and long term memory. A deficiency in B-vitamins, especially of B12, can lead to many consequences including memory loss. Making sure to get enough B-vitamins in your daily diet, or taking supplementation if you do have a deficiency, is a key nutritional component of good cognitive functioning, which can significantly improve your memory.
While at first it may be difficult to get into a reflective mindset when studying, it is crucial in order to retain information that has previously been learned. When you are in the midst of studying, instead of beginning a new day automatically with a new lesson, reflect and recap what you learned the day before. The amount of time dedicated to this is up to you, but make sure to review all notes and work done. It will not only put you in the right mentality for studying new information, but will also help you remember information by reviewing it in a different circumstance under less stress and pressure.

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There are so many different and effective ways to study, that it may actually feel overwhelming to settle on just one method. You can study solo, in a group, with flash cards, with practice quizzes, or by listening to your notes recorded. Or, you can combine as many options as you find effective, which will not only keep the process more interesting for you, but will also be engaging and interactive enough to be remembered. Plan out your options in advance, and incorporate them into your daily or weekly study routine, and you will be ready for that test or exam in no time!
While studying is understandable associated with stress and difficulty, the methods and lifestyle changes mentioned above can greatly improve your memory, while reducing the stress of the overall process. Use nutritional support, reflective learning, and diversified methods in order to give your memory the boost it needs to retain and utilise important information, which will keep you confident and ready for that upcoming exam!