Why you should consider consulting a Homeopath

The aim of homeopathy is to cure ailments by stimulating the own bodies healing powers or life force. The idea is to assist the body in healing itself. We only fall ill when there is a disturbance in our vital force. The professional Homeopath sees symptoms like eczema or flu for instance as the body's way of expressing and discharging such a disturbance. 

Although strictly speaking, a homeopath only treats a person and not their illness there are still some ailments that respond well to homeopathy. These include the following: 

  • PMS
  • ME
  • IBS

Powerful Remedies
There are remedies for many different ailments especially those that effect women and children. Homeopathic remedies are mainly derived from plants and minerals, however there are still some successful remedies from animals. They are safe and non-toxic which is due to the way the remedies are made. The original substance, which is a natural tincture is alternately diluted with alcohol and shaken up. A drop of the tincture is diluted either 1:10 or 1:100 and shaken. The drops of the dilution are then shaken again. This can be repeated hundreds of times so that in some cases it would be physically impossible for  the final medication to contain a single molecule of the original tincture. The resulting dilutions are then used to make powders, liquids or tablets prescribed by the homeopath. It has been found that the more diluted the more powerful it acts although no one knows why this principle holds true or even how or why homeopathic remedies work at all, however they do and it is said that the dilution may release the holding energy of the substance, leaving an imprint of itself in the alcohol but rendering the original remedy harmless.  

What to have in your First Aid Cupboard 
The following may help to speed recovery from many of life's little scrapes and bumps and are handy to have in your first aid kit. 

  • Arnica - heals physical trauma such as shock, bumps and bruises. 
  • Aconite - The first remedy to take for fear and shock, for example after a car accident. Also helpful for travel sickness and feverish colds.
  • Ledum - Treats puncture wounds, bee or wasp stings, swollen insect bites, dog bites or accidents with nails.
  • Hypericum - Ideal for painful cuts and lacerations, crushed fingers or toes and for falls that affect the base of the spine.
  • Nux Vomica - Treats indigestion and hangovers when the cause is overindulgence in too-rich foods and drinks. 
  • Chamomilla - Calms fractious teething babies.
  • Urtica - soothes minor burns, sunburn and is available in ointment form.
  • Calendula - This is an antiseptic healer for grazes, small cuts and septic wounds. Dilute 3 drops fo the lotion in a cup of water to use.

If you would like to use the services of a professional Homeopath then check out our IPHM therapist directory. All our therapists are qualified to a high degree and you can be guaranteed a professional and beneficial service. 

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