Do you offer complementary or alternative Therapies?

How do you even start to be registered as an approved professional therapist? How do you choose a reputable therapist, healer or counsellor? How do you choose an approved Training Provider?

If these are some of the questions you have asked then we can help.

As alternative healing becomes more and more in demand it can often be a little confusing to providers and clients alike. How do you know if your therapist is genuine and what if your training provider is not all they say they are? 

Tips to choosing a good therapist

  • Recommendations are always best but if its the first time you have visited ask them are they qualified, by whom and do they belong to any awarding body? (a professional therapist will take what they do seriously and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Are they insured? Not all therapists require insurance, but the majority do. For instance you may find your local tarot reader or psychic does not feel there is a need for this but any therapist offering hands on treatments or using essential oils or visiting your home should have a minimum of basic insurance cover.


  • Do they ask you to complete a treatment card on your first visit? A good therapist or counsellor or even a hairdresser will ask you to complete some basic questions first before offering you a full consultation or treatment. 

How to choose an Accredited and Professional Training Provider

  • Again recommendations are great but there are so many courses being offered online and via the Internet now, you want to be assured that you are not throwing your money away and if the course provider is offering you a qualification you want to be sure that you can also become a fully insured and recognised therapist.


  • Do they offer one on one training, is it online, do they offer workshops, can you study at home? Do they offer tutor support? These are questions that you may want to ask depending on what type of course you are taking. With so many online courses be sure that you are choosing one that has recognised accreditation. You may want to study in one country but work in another, in this case you should check that your training provider can supply you with and international or similar qualification.

Where to find a professional Training provider or Therapist?

By checking out our list of worldwide accredited therapists and training providers at the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine you will at least know that they are professional and passionate about what they do which is why they registered with IPHM in the first place. 

As all IPHM therapists and training providers have to renew their membership each year, this ensures that their details such as therapies, courses, and information is kept up to date and has not been languishing on an old listing somewhere for years. 

Our team at IPHM support our therapist and training providers via our social media channels and as they can include as many of their own social media links, website, blogs or twitter accounts etc... it makes it easier for you to check them out too. As we have Practitioners and training providers worldwide you should be able to find what you are looking for on our website and our members are increasing each week. 

 We have a wide range of wellbeing healers offering anything from beauty treatment, gong therapy, psychic development, crystal & colour therapists, reiki masters, massage and yoga trainers, life coaches, counsellors, etc... in fact if its a natural therapist or training course you are after the chances are you will find what you are looking for at the International Practitoners of Holistic Medicine

Could I join IPHM?

Yes if you are a qualified therapist or offer independent training courses and would like to get them accredited and abide by our code of ethics that all members must agree to then you are welcome to join us. You can find more details of our membership options here. 

Our logo stands for quality therapists and training providers: 

Check if your training provider or therapist is IPHM approved