Dog Massage is becoming very popular. Everyone knows how great you feel after a great massage, and your pooch will feel the same. There are even dog groomers whom now offer this as part of their service.

Why is it so good for your pet?

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
First and foremost it reduces anxiety and stress. Just like it does in us, so it does in our pets. If your dog has been showing behavioural problems such as chewing or barking for no reason these are quite often symptoms of stress. 

You will bond better
When you get used to offering your dog a regular massage, this also leads to a stronger bond between you both. Once you dog realises that you have the ability and talent to make it feel relaxed and amazing, its going to adore you even more and will associate good feelings with you. 

Spot problems early
By getting used to your dog and the feel of your pet after doing a complete massage you will soon be aware if you feel anything unnatural such as any lumps or bumps that was not there last time. By doing a regular massage, not only will you improve your pets circulation but also overall general health and be aware of any problems early on. 

Holistic Healing for Pets
Dogs massage benefits are many and wonderful. So is holistic healing for your dog or pets. There are now many courses that you can take to help you better communicate and help your pet. We recommend the Animal Holistic Healing Course by Luna Holistics.