Science has proved that the sounds of nature make us relax. Research reveals that listening to natural sounds increases activity in the area of the brain that promotes relaxation. The effect is particularly marked in people who are stressed. Just as the use of nature and colours in chromotherapy can be a very powerful tool, incorporating natural elements into massage can also be extremely effective for promoting relaxation. Having a massage outside in a quiet, natural space may not often be feasible, but simply having a recording of some sounds of nature can do wonders for helping people feel relaxed. Alongside this, there are several ways in which you can create a natural environment indoors and, in doing so, an extremely relaxing space that is ideal for massage.

The power of smell

Touch is not the only sense worth considering when it comes to encouraging relaxation during a massage. Studies show that smell plays a huge role in enabling people to de-stress. Natural smells such as pine have been shown to effectively reduce anxiety in people, while the scent of freshly-cut grass releases a chemical that also promotes positivity and feelings of calm. In this way, it is worth placing a few romantic candles in the massage room, in order to help the client feel relaxed and happy. If you are allowed to light the candles, the warm, natural lighting combined with the scent can make for an even more relaxing setting. Meanwhile, for clients struggling with decongestion, place a bowl under the head of the bed, in line with their face,

Opt for calming colours

The impact of colour on the mind cannot be underestimated. Different shades can have contrasting effects on the mind, including the ability to relax. Cool colours, particularly light blues, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, making you more relaxed - possibly even more likely to drift off. Deep purple, meanwhile, has been shown to stimulate the mind, making it more difficult to ‘switch off’. Keep these things in mind when choosing wall colours and textiles. Go for softer, light colours rather than dark or extremely vibrant ones. This will help give the room a natural, calming and cozy feel, making it more conducive to relaxation.

Keep things minimal

Clearing the space of clutter will go a long way to helping people relax. It needs to feel like a calming retreat, which won’t be possible if the room is full of unnecessary, distracting clutter. In fact, research has shown that messy rooms make us more stressed due to the release of cortisol in our brains. So when considering the decor and layout of your massage environment, think simple, spacious and airy.

For a relaxing environment, think ‘nature’

Creating a relaxing environment is vital in order for when it comes to providing (and experiencing) a massage. Give careful consideration to the senses involved in massage. This is not limited to touch, but also smell, sight and sound. Keep the room clutter-free and with soft, warm lighting, have some soothing sounds of nature on in the background, and opt for calming, cool colours on the walls.

Source: Sally Writes

Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash

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