Crystal Healing

Humans have always thought of alternative practises for curing their minds, bodies, and spirits. The evolution of healing methodologies has continued to grow over the past decades. According to UCF Library, healing depends on various factors such as socioeconomic status, religion, societal region, and personal preferences.  

Although Western medicine may be considered more effective in certain cultures, Eastern medicine and holistic therapies may be what you need for specific ailments. If you have struggled with using homoeopathic and all-natural remedies to cure ongoing anxiety, using crystal healing can provide the cure to live a healthy life. Those interested in beginning their crystal healing journey need to look into holistic medicine practises to safely and effectively de-stress their lives. 

The basics of crystal healing

As stated by Coveteur, crystal healing is what it sounds like: using crystal energy to help heal yourself and others. All crystals are composed of symmetrical structures, known as crystal lattices. The purity of the element, combined with the symmetrical lattice shape, provides the crystal with a high level of energy that can help individuals with relaxation, restoration, and reducing stress or chronic fatigue.  

Before diving into how crystal healing helps with stress reduction, we need to know the basics behind crystal therapy. Using specific crystals can directly align with the seven chakras of your body. According to Devonshire Dome, the individual crystal stones lead to a higher level of communication within the body. They streamline energy channels, restore your natural flow, and heal toxic parts of yourself. 

Why not learn how to close your chakras using crystals.

How does crystal healing help with stress and anxiety?

Now that we know the spiritual benefits of crystal healing, we will demonstrate how crystal healing also provides relief for anxiety and stress. Certain healing crystals can help individuals exude positive energy and feel more control in their lives. 

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that helps those suffering from insomnia, stress, restless mind wandering, and anxious thoughts. According to Gem Society, amethyst helps promote courage and inner peace to further internal and external healing during high stress and anxiety.  

Furthermore, rhodonite is a crystal that helps lessen anxiety by organising harmful emotions, such as panic, fear, or stress. By making space in your mind and spirit to deal with negative emotions, rhodonite can help you eliminate any unhealthy thoughts derailing your train of thought. 

Lastly, moonstone is an ideal choice for crystal healing for anxiety. This stone helps women balance their female hormones to create room for internal growth, development, and stabilisation. If you are struggling with crippling anxiety, moonstone can help you better yourself and boost your self-confidence. 

Why should you use crystal healing?​

Crystal healing has numerous positives over other forms of medicinal therapies in today’s world. According to BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, learning more about the effect of crystal healing therapy on health can help encourage patients to try new practises. 

Joining a helpful support website, like the Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, can help those interested in complementary therapy, alternative therapy methods, spiritual healing, counselling, all-natural health practises, and new training tactics to communicate and further the holistic medicine field. 

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Source:  Sally - Guest writer