Can you offer absent healing?

Is it really possible to send out absent healing? Does it really work? How do you know if it has worked? What time of day or night should you do absent healing?

What exactly is absent healing and why is it said to work? Conventional healing and spiritual healing should work side by side, however it can often be a last resort before people reach out to alternative healing methods. Many of us are natural healers without being aware of it.

It is generally thought that absent healing works better if it’s given in the evening before the person being healed goes to sleep. The reason is that the person receiving the healing will often be in a more relaxed state of being and will be more receptive.

How do I offer absent healing? Firstly, ensure that you have the name of the person you are sending healing to and a list of their ailments. For example Mary Smith has a broken leg and is suffering from diabetes. If possible have a picture nearby of the person you wish to send absent healing to.  Now with this information in mind sit in a comfortable chair and take some deep steady breaths to relax.  You are now going to open your energy centres/chakras starting from the base of your spine to your heart centre or chakra as this is often known as.

You need to ensure your own aura is cleansed before starting the healing as you do not want any of your personal emanations being passed on to your patients.  You may want now to bring your own guides in by asking them to draw close and requesting healing guides to be with you.

Now send out to your guides a mental picture of your patients with a list of their ailments. If you do not have a picture of your patient then concentrate instead on their name. Wait a few moments and then visualise the person you are sending healing to being happy and laughing and jumping around, see them well and healthy and send this vision out to your guides and to the person you are sending healing to. Stay in this state for a few moments then offer thanks to your guides (or angels) then close your own energy centres (chakras) and cleanse your aura. (chakras/Auras)  

If offering regular healing then ask for feedback. You can set up  a specific time each week where you inform them you will be sending healing and contact them the day after to see how they are feeling if possible.


Closing your chakras 


The following is a helpful exercise for doing just this and should be carried out after healing work to avoid yourself being tired or holding on to any negative energies.

Exercise 1 – your body

After any spiritual work it is important that you ground your self and the easiest and simplest way to do this is to eat or drink something. Stand up and shake your arms and legs and perhaps stamp your feet, this will literally shake off any stale or stagnant energy.


Exercise 2. Golden light exercise

Stand up with back straight or sit on a high backed chair and with eyes closed visualize and imagine a golden yellow or white light above your head and entering you at the top of your head directly through the center of your body and coming out of your feet and latterly going underground. As you imagine this light ask that it passes through all your chakras and closes each one only to the necessary level required for you personally. Do not worry about how this is going to work trust that your own guides or angel healings will ensure that they  know what they are doing.  You should then feel calm and relaxed.

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