We have recently updated our logo. We feel that this new logo represents the IPHM as a worldwide accreditation board and embraces this for everyone. All badges and certificates will now show this new logo. When your certificate and badge (if applicable) are up for renewal then your new documents will show this new logo. If you are using our logo on your website and would like to update our logo then you can request that we send you a new attachment. 

Are you making the most of being an IPHM Member?

As a member of iphm you should be aware that your listing is your way of advertising your business. Please ensure your details are up to date and if you are an insured therapist and this does not show next to your name then please advise us so that we can amend this. Becoming insured offers your clients that extra security and as members you are able to obtain a discount via our members only page. For access to a discounted quote then please email us with your iphm ref number and we will send you the code. 

Do you have a website?
If you have a website and would like to help promote IPHM either to your students or others in the professional trade then we will be happy to provide you with our logo and link details, or visit our Link to Us Page.

Promote your treatments
If you would like to reach out to a wider audience then why not write us a short article or press release about your business. We can help you to promote your treatments  by advertising your details with a direct link to your website or email address on ourWorkshops and Events Page