When our minds and bodies get tired, it is important to access your body holistically rather than pushing yourself too hard like popping a pill or downing a soda that will potentially make things worse in the long run. When you need a little boost, take a holistic approach to improve your health and well-being. 


 Follow along with these six natural remedies:


1. Fuel Your Body

You are what you eat, and if you are eating trash, you are going to feel like it. Start the day off right with a good breakfast and continue to eat numerous small, healthy meals throughout the day. 


By eating smaller meals, your body will easily be able to process the food and provide you with a steady energy level.

Foods high in fat, sugar, and carbs may be tasty at the moment but will slow you down in the end. 


Sticking to a Mediterranean diet filled with fish, fruit, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbs will not only keep you feeling energized throughout the day, but will also help you maintain your health in the long-term. In fact, the Mediterranean diet is even linked to delaying cognitive decline.


      2. Supplements

Getting all of the vitamins and nutrients our bodies demand can be difficult with today’s diet. A lack of essential vitamins, such as B-6, thiamine, niacin or magnesium, can make you feel foggy.


Sometimes you can get these with a well-balanced diet, but if you are feeling worn down taking supplements with food and water is never a bad idea. 

For an extra energy boost try:

● Ginseng

● Ginkgo

● Carnitine

● Coenzyme Q10 supplements. 


3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are becoming more popular because of their quick results. Essential oils can have a variety of effects on your body, depending on the scent.

 To clear your body from brain fog and fatigue, try these oils: 


● Bergamot

● Geranium

● Black spruce

● Rosemary

● Eucalyptus

● Peppermint


4. Get Moving 

When you’re tired, it is tempting to lay on the couch and do nothing when, in fact, getting up and moving will actually boost your energy. 

Mobility is medicine. Instead of resorting to a nap or a cup of coffee, allow your body to get what it really needs and move. Don’t let yourself come up with excuses; you don’t have to go on a ten-mile run or hit the gym. Just getting up and moving for thirty minutes can help re-energize your body and give you the endorphins you need to make it through the day.


5. Hydrate 

Turning to coffee or energy drinks to get you through the day may spike your energy levels for a couple of hours, but you will ultimately crash and feel even worse than before. 

Instead, turn to water. Yes--there’s no magic secret. When it comes to staying hydrated it’s best to stick with the basics.

Not only does water help keep hydration at bay, but it also helps your body process everything faster. If water bores you, try lemon or cucumber water to spice up your daily routine. 


6. Get on a Sleep Schedule 

Life can get busy, and it is easy to shortchange yourself on sleep. One way to combat drowsiness is by keeping a regular sleep schedule and making sure to get up at the same time every day. 

By sticking with a sleep regimen, your body will get into a rhythm and your biological clock will automatically know when it is time to sleep and wake up. 


7. Recharge Mentally

Even with all the natural remedies for your body, it is also important to recharge your mind. This can come in many forms and depend on what makes you feel better personally. 

It could be pushing the negativity away by writing a list of accomplishments, letting go of mistakes, getting rid of negative people in your life, or simply taking a moment to meditate. 

You can also take some time to have fun by hanging out with family or friends, reading a book, taking a dance class, cooking, drawing, or whatever makes you smile. Recharge mentally by enjoying those special moments in life. 

Feeling worn down and tired comes naturally with living a busy life. Now you know that there are many natural remedies that you can use at home to get you feeling rejuvenated. More importantly, you will be well on your way to a well-balanced lifestyle.


   Author Bio: Christian Worstell is a health and lifestyle writer living in Raleigh, NC.

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