How to Sell Your House Faster With Feng Shui 

If you own a home that you wish to sell as quickly as possible, you will be advised to improve it before you put it on the market of real estate. Home improvement is essential for raising a house’s market value. One of the ways to do that is by utilizing a Feng shui consultant. Feng shui is an unfamiliar territory for most homeowners, but it’s a very creative way to do home staging and improve the overall appearance of the property. Here are some of the easiest tips which will make the home look and feel much better. Check our directory for an IPHM expert.

1.      Engage the senses: When a prospective buyer comes to view your property they need to feel engaged completely. This means that from the minute they walk into your home, they feel welcomed and their senses are attracted. This can be done in various ways. Your home has to:

·         Look good: Make use of horizontal space and draw the eye sight to the corner diagonal of each room, thus making the room seem bigger and brighter. Clear off the top shelves, drawers and counters.

·         Feel good: Don’t place mirrors opposite the front door and make sure movement is easy and natural from room to room.

·         Sound good: Placing a small fountain next to the front door or having relaxing music playing all the time is a way to impress the potential buyers completely.

·         Smell good: In feng shui the earthy scents have the widest range and the strongest appeal. Opt for some pine and cinnamon scents.

2.      Make a great first impression: Most people know whether they want the house or not within a couple of minutes upon entering the house. The first impression is essential, which means that you need to pay attention to the front door (its colours and any ornaments), the hallway and even the doormat. The lights have to be turned on in the foyer and having plants by the door is a winning idea.

3.      Place the “For Sale” sign correctly: This sign should be right of the front door, the so called energetic (yang) side of the house.

4.      Use the kitchen: If you focus on the kitchen you can use it to your best advantage. According to feng shui the kitchen is the health and prosperity area of the house. Make sure the corners are clean, the counters are clear, the pantry is organized and the knives and cutlery are out of sight. A lush plant on the counter will look lovely.

5.      Get growing: Check for dead plants around the house and make sure there are no plants that are touching the house (including spindly plants). Some clearing might be needed.

Source:  Fabian Brichet