Are you offering good service

When you are introduced to your client for the first time there are a few basic rules to follow and you will be amazed at just how many therapists miss this opportunity of offering a good first impression. 

Completing a Client Treatment Card - some basic questions

This should always be done, no matter what treatment you are offering. You should also keep this for future reference. 

1. Always introduce yourself, sounds simple but many therapists may just say something like "hi pleased to meet you, come in sit down" - instead of Hi mine name is ........... and today I am here to (explanation of what their treatment will involve and what they can expect is very important at this stage)2. Has your client had a similar treatment before – this can indicate if a patch test is required or a discussion on the necessary oils you may be using

3. Is you client pregnant – it is not always recommended that woman have treatments in their 1st trimester of pregnancy but of course this will depend on what treatment you are offering. 

4. Does your client suffer from asthma – this could be an issue because of nail dust or spray tan vapors or the use of certain oils and maybe incense that has been lit in your treatment room. 

5. have they had recent surgery – massage, sunbed use or spray tanning would be strictly prohibited in the majority of cases. However massage treatments may be beneficial depending on the type of surgery but should always be confirmed that its Ok to offer this by a doctor. 

6. Does your client understand what treatment is being offered - A lot of therapists wrongly assume that just because someone is coming for a Reiki Healing Session or Crystal therapy treatment for instance that their client will know what to expect. This is quite often  not the case and you should offer your client a full explanation of what they can expect to happen during the treatment. 

Have the client sign the form
Review the form
Question anything that is unclear
Only offer treatments that you are confident and trained to do. 

After-Care Advise - Are you sure you are offering this?

Many therapists overlook this and yet it is most important after any treatment no-matter what it is to ensure you client drinks plenty of water after treatment. This helps to remove any toxins that may have been built up over time and are now being released due to a treatment whether it be massage, energy healing or a colour therapy treatment. Even after a counselling session it is important. Your client can only benefit from this advise - Simple and important advise but often overlooked. By offering after-care advise your client will feel valued and it is a good way of ensuring your client is aware that the treatment has now come to an end. 

Is your equipment clean and effective?

Ensuring your tools of the trade are clean and in good working order whether this be your therapy bed, hot stone massage oven or even your crystals or dowsing tools is very important. Your client wants to feel that you are offering a professional service and cleanliness will not go unnoticed even if they do not mention it you. Always ensure the environment you are placing your client in is clean, tidy and private. For instance if you are offering a tarot reading in your living room, then this is just as  important that you client is concentrating on the reading and not the state of their surroundings.

Did you know that IPHM members are now entitled to a discount on many holistic products and we also have free guides for therapists.

What does it mean to be a professional IPHM Therapist?

Being a therapist of any description has its responsibilities however we know that our IPHM therapists are amongst the best. We know you care about your clients otherwise you would not have gone to the trouble to join and agree to our terms and conditions. We are proud of all our members and hope that you continue to offer the excellent and professional service we know you are more than capable of doing so that we can promote our therapists with confidence. 

Are you insured?

Although not all therapies require you to have insurance many do and even if you are visiting people in their own homes then public liability insurance is recommended. For instance if a feng shui expert where to accidentally knock over their grandmas heirloom it would be a wise therapist indeed whom was covered and prepared for such an incident and covered with their insurance provider. As a member you are eligible for discount.

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Remember to always offer your client water after a treatment
Remember to always offer your client water after a treatment