Top Tips for you to Get more Clients Via Social Media

It may appear that everyone is interacting on social media these days and the way we shop, interact and discover new things is done via the internet whether this is by searching in google or via Facebook. This is why as a therapist/beautician/counsellor/psychic/holistic therapist etc.... it is important that you understand how to make the most of these platforms, especially social media, as the chances are this is how your clients are going to hear about your services.


1. Facebook - Here’s how to get the most from your Facebook profile. A) Show your personality, (people want to see real people, remember social media is for social interaction - not just advertising. B) When doing posts, ask questions, this is a great way to get to know your clients and what interests them and makes them tick. C) post great pictures - images are a powerful and quick way to tell stories and get more engagements. D) keep your posts simple and to the point as sometimes a simple text update can go viral. E) Like your own followers - spread the love by sharing posts and content from others. Do not be shy about asking others to like and share your page, this is a great way to interact with your clients and friends of clients. A simple Please like and Share comment after a post can help. So for example it would now be great if you could like and share our Facebook Page. 


2. Twitter - How to get noticed on Twitter - Ensure your profile is fully completed, make sure your key words that you want to be found are included in your profile write up. It only takes 5 mins but is really important. People search for words that they are interested in, so if they are in your profile you will appear in their search results. Provide a link to your website or other social media profiles. Use hash tags but not too many, an average of 3 is sufficient. For example if you are a massage therapist some hash tags would be #massagetherapist #massage #relax #massagelife - Remember to ask your customers to follow you on Twitter, this can be some text at the end of a post on facebook - Follow Us on Twitter


3. Instagram - Is all about the HASH TAGS - get creative with this when posting anything on Instagram. Hash tags can be used more than on twitter and Facebook - Instagram users who are interested in what you are promoting are likely to search for hash tags that are related, for example you can also type in google to search for some of the best #FengShui Hash Tags. #fengshui #interiordesign #sucess #zen #fortune #wealth #reiki #namaste #fengshuitips #art #home  - Once again remember to ask your clients to follow your posts to build up custom. A simple message on your twitter or facebook saying something like Follow us on Instagram


Although the above are the main 3 that you should definetley consider using to help promote your services there are also others that can work just as well including - Googleplus - Linkedin - Whatsapp

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