Poor communication is the root of many problems, whether you are facing problems at work, university or in your personal life. It can lead to mistakes, conflict, frustration and lost opportunities, so it is important to work on your communication skills if you know that you struggle with communication.

After all, interpersonal skills are an essential part of personal and professional success. This is especially important within education in the UK, as nearly 30% of first year freshers drop out of university (or plan to drop out in the near future).

One way to improve communication is through team building exercises. Here are three team building exercises to improve communication.


There are lots of different team building activities that are suited to both teenagers and adults, and geocaching has to be one of the best activities. This is because geocaching is a team activity that helps to bring employees or students together in a beautiful, outdoor environment, helping to improve their communication skills while also relaxing and enjoying nature. Geocaching is also a good team building as pushes people out of their comfort zone using riddles and puzzles, but the whole team must work together to reach a common goal. This will help to improve communication, especially if you ask for team feedback after geocaching.

Room Trivia 

Room trivia is a fun game where someone writes down 20 trivia questions about the workplace or main room you use (such as “how many tables are in this space?”). This helps to bring people together to work out the answers, and it also encourages people to speak out and be more confident. It can also improve observation skills. 

Salt And Pepper

Salt and Pepper is a fun team building activity that helps people to get to know each other while improving their social skills. Simply ask a manager to write down things that come in pairs on separate pieces of paper (such as salt and pepper or black and white) and then stick one piece of paper to each person’s back, and then ask everyone to find their partner. Once everyone finds their partner ask them to share five interesting facts about each other. This encourages team communication and helps everyone to get along a little better. 

Communication and social skills are an essential part of life, whether you are a teenager or an adult with a full time job. Use these tips to ensure that communication is never a problem in your life. 

Source: Sally Writes