Alternative medicine is making a huge come back at the moment, particularly the use of crystals for healing and energy. Crystals can help you focus your mind, heal your chakras, as well as many other benefits. Even high school students can benefit from having a little crystal healing power. High school can be fraught with stress and so much pressure, which having some extra help maintain a sense of balance and calm is never a bad thing.

Here are the 7 best, most useful crystals for any high school student:

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst is the great protector and stress-relieving stone. Not only that but this stone also promotes creativity as well. It has a beautiful purple crystalline structure, which makes it a wonderful decorative piece for your room, while drawing out any negativity. “It’s great to use in meditations to help relieve school-related stress-simply place it at your feet while you meditate. Using this stone during meditation can expand the higher mind, refining one’s thinking processes. It can help with the assimilation of new ideas, a must for any student,” says Barbara Curtis, a student writer at Essay Writing Services.

  1. Quartz

Clear, smoky, and rose quartz are all great choices for students for differing reasons. Clear Quartz helps aid in concentration and focus. It also amplifies the user’s intent, making it great for manifesting goals or answering prayers. Smoky quartz also is good for focusing one’s mind, but it also is great for the anxious student, as it nullifies anxiety and soothes stress. It is also great for warding off negative thinking and worry or doubt. Rose quartz is great for amplifying self-love and compassion which is necessary for avoiding burnout in students, who work ridiculously hard.

  1. Fluorite

“This stone is also known as the ‘genius stone,’ intensifying intuition and focus. This beautifully coloured stone helps improve your memory and can remove any mental blocks,” explains Nicholas Rivera, an educational blogger at Paperfellows. Not only that, but if you have ADHD and other learning differences, this is the stone for you to help keep you on track of your workload and focused. If your student life is full of uncertainty and chaos, this little stone will help bring calm and peace. Wearing a bracelet made from fluorite can help you maintain your focus even in the noisiest classroom.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone is often prized for its starry, mystical appearance. Lapis Lazuli helps increase your wisdom and self-awareness by opening your third eye and throat chakras. If you are a student, this stone helps with problem-solving, particularly when you are arguing with someone over school projects. It can also serve as personal reminder of your ‘why’ so you can keep pushing through all of your schoolwork.


  1. Sodalite

If you are student who is enthusiastic about communication and the written word, then this stone is for you. Sodalite helps rid you of writer’s block by creating new communication channels within yourself and your mind. This is a stone of great intellect, and is used to enhance clarity of your thought, concentration, and focus. Also, Sodalite enhances the understanding of difficult concepts making it a perfect choice for any hardworking student taking advanced courses.

  1. Citrine

This beautiful stone works with your solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras to enhance your ability to make difficult decisions and increase your imagination. If you need to clarify your focus, this is the perfect stone for the task. It can be extremely helpful to meditate while holding a Citrine stone in your hand to help figure out what you need to accomplish. Any student trying to decide on your future or struggling to get clear on your next steps

  1. Hematite

This beautiful, often smooth, silver, mirror-like stone is great for warding off negativity and worry but it also is perfect for students who need to think logically in order to prioritise the work on your to-do-list. It’s also a great memory enhancer.

These are the 7 most useful crystals for any student to help them succeed in their studies and in their peer relationships at school, work, and at their homes.

Madeline Miller is a health writer and editor.