We could all do with a good dose of positivity and now is an important  time to collectively lift our vibration so we can start attracting some uplifting positivity in our lives and those of our clients.  So here are our top ten tips:


1. Meditate Start your morning the right way -  Do not check emails or phone until you have spent at least 10 mins in meditation 

2. Earthing  - Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the earth for at least 5 mins a day. This connects you and offers amazing health benefits whilst energising you and making you naturally feel more positive

3. Avoid Alcohol -  Too much of this lowers your vibration, attracts negative energies and leaves you feeling anxious and stressed

4. Lemon & Hot Water - Start your day with a drink of hot water and lemon - this has antibacterial properties & helps to maintain a good PH balance in your body and cleanses you from the inside out

5. Exercise 20 mins - Walking, running, swimming or any other form of exercise for just 20 minutes a day offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from inside out - makes you happy by releasing endorphins - increases energy levels - helps with brain health and memory and helps you to get a better night sleep

6. Self Care - This can be anything from enjoying some quality time doing something you love every day. Put time away for you, read a book, have soak, arrange a pamper day etc... 

7. De clutter - By de-cluttering you are moving energy and increasing the flow and this has positive effects on our wellbeing - clear your desk, clear your draws, tidy your kitchen cupboards, make sure your car is not full of rubbish

8. Affirmations - It is said that Affirmations can rewire our brain and by keep feeding positive messages into our brains, even though they aren’t necessarily true at that point, we can begin to believe them. In this way, we become what our self-talk is

9. Eat less meat - by reducing meat intake you are doing both yourself, animals and the planet a favour - reduces inflammation, lowers blood cholesterol, helps improve gut health, reduces your chance of getting 2 diabetes, just for starters or try going vegan 

10. Smile - Fake it till you make - Even on the days when you don't want to. A smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain that releases certain hormones including dopamine which increases our feelings of happiness and serotonin which when released reduces stress plus you make other people happier when they see you smile. 





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