Here are some tips you can use to reduce the risk for your potential clients and make them feel safe enough to make contact...

1. Be Real

Be very open about who you are, make your potential clients feel like you’re a real person just like them, and not just a robot behind a computer screen. Share your own story on your website and blogs, explain who you are and why you do what you do. Give your potential clients the opportunity to get to know you from a distance before they make their decision. Remember that what goes on social media doesn’t necessarily stay on social media, people may make assumptions that the way you are on social media is the way you are in person, so beware of what you post on your personal pages as well as your business ones.
2. Make things simple and clear

Make it easy for potential clients to buy from you. If the information on your website isn’t correct, or the links don’t work properly, people won’t feel safe enough to purchase things from you. Regularly walk through your website as if you were new to it, asking yourself ‘What action would I want to take next?’. You need to gently guide people through your website in the simplest way possible.

3. Prices and Testimonials

Be very honest about the prices you charge on your website so that your potential clients can have a clear idea of how much they will be paying for your services. You should also include testimonials from previous clients on your website, people will always feel safer moving forward when they can see their own situation reflected in someone else's point of view.

4. Get Accredited

If you have not already done so, join a reputable accreditation board which will show your clients that you are a professional and that you care about your business. The IPHM has been established to offer all therapists and training providers a fair and equal platform to promote themselves and offers the client the opportunity to request a registered therapist or training provider which in turn gives them more confidence to choose a therapist they can trust. 

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