This question is more common than you may imagine, after all what exactly is a holistic therapist? Do holistic therapies work? and how do you train as a therapist?

Basically the word holistic means to treat both the mind and the body and holistic therapist's realise that treating our spiritual body and keeping physical body in  balance is one of the first steps we need to achieve to ensure a good healing process.


Training as a Holistic/Alternative Therapist

There are many types of therapies to choose from, Crystal therapists, colour therapists, energy healers, beauty and massage therapists etc…. You will usually find that visiting an holistic therapist that their treatments could involve a mixture of many different therapies.  

Training – What is best – How much – Online or Classroom?

Training costs vary so much so its worth taking a good look round to see what sort of training will suit you.

Online training now is one of the most popular ways to learn if you are currently working in another profession and do not have time to attend a college or training program.

Distance Learning Courses - If you undertake a distance learning course then this usually means that you will be sent your course work as a file. The benefit of this type of training is that you can pick up your course work wherever you are and are not necessarily tied to having to study it on a computer or laptop. You can download this to perhaps your kindle or Ipad and will not need wifi to be able to study. This can be handy if you are not always able to get a good connection or are on the move. You may also want to print your course work off.

Online Courses – With this type of learning you will study on your device and need to connect to the training providers website to access your course material. You will usually find these offer Video content and are more interactive. So for example you may have to answer questions before proceeding to the next part. These type of courses help you to feel more connected and are ideal if you have a good wifi connection and can dedicate your time to sitting through each lesson.

Classroom Based & Workshops – With this type of learning you will of course be required to attend in person. These are often structured at set times and are ideal for anyone who is a more visual learner and wants actual hands on experience. Sometimes course providers will offer both online, distance learning and workshops as part of their training so the student gets the benefit of all 3.

One to One Training – Is now more available and made possible due to the internet. Your training provider may be located in a different continent or country, but you can still benefit from their expertise via skype call, video links and chats. A lot of counselling therapies are now held this way and offered to clients by this method which means the client can be in the comfort of their own home but still benefit from and expert counsellor.

How to choose the right Training Provider

You now only have to type training or courses into google on any subject you desire and you will be flooded with information on the internet. This is great, but how do you know who to choose, and what should you look for to ensure you receive the best training for you?

Ask questions of your training provider before you pay out your hard earned cash. Some questions you will also want to ask is what are the benefits of training with them? If you are learning a new skill are you learning this just for fun or do you want to actively train for a new career?

Training for a new career - If you are looking to train for a new career you will want to be assured that your training provider is offering a professional service. IPHM registered training proivders have the benefit of being able to offer their students extra benefits to help them with their careers after training with them, as all students who successfully pass a relevent therapy course with an IPHM approved training provider are then eligible to join IPHM as a registered practitioner enabling them to obtain insurance and work as a professional therapist themselves. 

Accredited Training Providers - This is where the IPHM offers you the opportunity to find a professional and accredited training provider in a huge range of subjects covering a wide range of topics in health, wellbeing, spiritual development and much more. You can be assured of a professional service so why not search for your next training provider here: FIND A TRAINING PROVIDER

Accredited Therapists – Find a professional and caring therapist. These fully accredited IPHM therapists have all been trained to offer you the very best service.  Take a look at our directory and you will also find a huge selection of amazing professional therapists offering their services – so whether you want a tarot reading, a healing, a beauty treatment, an energy healing etc….. you will find one to suit you here: FIND A THERAPIST


If you are a therapist or training provider and believe you can offer a professional service to others and are proud of what you do then why not join us today?