Do you know what type of dog is more suited to your Zodiac Sign?

People choose dogs based on a variety of criteria. Lifestyle, size of the apartment, leisure, place of residence, etc. Maybe someone simply likes a specific breed or listens to her intuitions. Horoscopes can help a lot in privacy and relationship issues. Why couldn't they help us to choose the right dog breed? 

In this article, we have collected for you the most suitable dogs for the different zodiac signs.


Aries zodiac people are strong, independent, competitive, and love physical challenges. Therefore, such people need dogs that are loose but active and have a high need for exercise.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers have been America’s favourite dog for many years. No wonder this breed is the perfect family dog. They like to play, be outdoors and require physical and mental stimulation.

Border Collies

The Border Collies can be just as determined as the Aries people. In addition, they are maximally enthusiastic about all the challenges associated with physical testing. They are good at agility sports and full of energy.


Taurus people are loyal, and they demand the same from their partners. Stability and a loving environment are necessary, so they need dogs that meet those needs.


Boxers are loyal, loyal, gentle, and protective. These perfect family dogs get along well with kids. Despite their playfulness, they always keep an eye on their loved ones.


Beagles are perfect hunting dogs that will find their place in the herd very well. For this reason, they are also excellent for family dogs. This breed is one of the most loyal. This way, you can be sure that you will find a common voice with a Beagle as a Taurus.


Gemini people have high emotional intelligence. They love social life, are confident, and family is important to them. The ideal dog for them is loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and friendly.

Parson Russell Terriers

Like Gemini, these dogs are diverse individuals. They are playful and persistent yet adorable and love to be in company. They get along well with the family, but they also like to play and go on long hikes or hunts.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds have all the qualities that are good for a Gemini owner. Not only are these dogs intelligent and loyal, but their confidence makes them irresistible. They do anything for their family and loved ones, yet they are suspicious of strangers.


Cancer people love to have a partner who is committed, dedicated, and loyal. The safety of family and loved ones is important to them. That is why they need strong and protective dogs.


Unfortunately, Rottweilers have a bit of a bad reputation. However, believe me, they are perfect choices for Cancers. This breed is loyal and will protect its loved ones at all costs. They are calm at home but distrustful of strangers, so they are excellent guard dogs.


Greyhounds perfectly meet all the needs of Cancers. They are gentle, loyal, and never let their owners down. They absolutely reciprocate the love they receive and even return more.


Leo people behave boldly in all situations. They love socializing, having fun, and their family. Therefore, the ideal dog has similar qualities: funny, protective, brave, and social.


Pugs are hilarious, playful, and funny. Nevertheless, in the right situations, their behavior can be taken quite seriously. They reciprocate love to the fullest, so they could be the perfect company for Leos.

Saint Bernards

Everyone knows St Bernards as gentle giants. Despite their huge bodies, these dogs are kind, pious, and playful. They are perfect family dogs, and they find a common voice with the Leos easily.


Virgo people are hardworking, good problem solvers, and pay attention to detail. Therefore, they need a dog that can be expected in intelligence and in challenging tasks (not only mentally but also physically).

Siberian Huskies

It’s hard to find more diligent dogs than Huskies. This breed is dedicated, has a good carrying capacity, and will do whatever its owner asks for. Plus, these canines are perfect for the family as well, as they are proper protectors.


Bloodhounds are excellent trackers. Once they find the right clue, they won’t give up. For this reason, they are the ideal partners for the Virgo people, who are happy to immerse themselves in the details.


Libras love peace and balance in their life. They are social and make new friends easily. Because of their high intelligence, they need a dog that is easy to train, friendly, and calm.

English Bulldogs

Despite their looks, the Bulldogs are extremely calm and friendly. They love their owners and do everything they can to hide in their lap. This kind and loving temperament make them an ideal companion.


Libras and Pomeranians fit together perfectly. They all love company and treat their loved ones especially. In addition, the high intellectual abilities of the Poms make them ideal for training, which is quite favorable for Libras.


Scorpios are wild, passionate, and mysterious, yet brave, devoted, and loyal. They need a dog with a similar personality that can complement and share a commitment to the family.


Dalmatian dogs are perfect companions for a Scorpio. They are active enough to keep up with anyone during the day. Moreover, it will be a challenge for even a genuinely sporty Scorpio to meet the exercise needs of a Dalmatian. In addition, this breed is loyal and capable of anything for its loved ones.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed is referred to by many as Pit Bull. These dogs have a solid and characterful appearance. However, with proper training, you can be very loyal and protective companions. This makes them an ideal candidates.


Sagittarius people are extroverted and have a good sense of humor. They are great at finding common ground with people and love to be at the center of social gatherings. They need similarly extroverted and funny dogs.


Dachshund is a very funny dog breed that extroverted Sagittarius will never get bored of. These dogs will take part in any adventure and be wonderful friends to their owners with their overwhelming personalities.

Boston Terriers

Sagittarius, who is constantly partying, benefits from a dog that tolerates social life well. The Boston Terriers are just like that. This breed can make everyone laugh and respond positively to any new adventure.


Capricorn people are famous for their self-control, intelligence, and discipline. For this reason, a dog that is loyal and well-trainable is appropriate for them.

Shiba Inus

These dogs are native to Japan and carry ancient positive marks. They are intelligent, adaptable, and able to learn almost anything because of their master. This makes Shiba Inu the perfect breed for Capricorns.


The history of this breed of dog also goes back a long way to China. Pekingese dogs are elegant and love their owner. They can listen to all commands with total devotion.


Aquarius people are real problem solvers. Their thinking is unique and special, and they are not deterred from any difficult task. The ideal dog for them is intelligent and requires mental stimulation.

Golden Retrievers

Goldies are energetic and fun, but their intelligence is also quite outstanding. They can be trained for almost anything and can be perfect companions for an Aquarius man thanks to their high empathic abilities.


The personality of Havanese is in many ways the same as that of Aquarius. This breed is intelligent, problem-solving, independent, and caring. But it’s also fun so that Aquarius people won’t be bored with such a dog.


Although their sign is two fish, for Pisces people, keeping fish is not the only alternative. All you have to do is find the right dog breed. And what is the ideal dog for a Pisces man? Helpful, selfless, and loyal.


Chihuahuas perfectly embody what a Pisces owner could desire. They are loyal, dedicated, and have impressive empathy skills. They can feel the emotions of others more effectively than anyone else. But they also excel in reciprocating feelings. If you have a Chihuahua dog, you will definitely not be left without love.


Like Chihuahuas, Maltese dogs can give back the love they receive in the same way. However, they are charming, curious forever, and full of life. Due to these properties, they are perfect companions for sensitive Pisces.

Source: Peter Laskay - Pet Expert, Pet Care Blogger - Pet Worshiper


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