Crystal for the Month of July - Ruby

Are you born in July? Then luck you, the Ruby is your Birthstone and is known as king of gems that represents love, health and wisdom. 

The meaning of this stone: This stone speaks with its rich and red color invokes feeling of fire, love and passion. 

The Ruby is a perfect stone for energy and balances vigor in life however due to this it can sometimes tend to act as an overstimulant in persons of a delicate or irritable nature. 

Use for Motivation: This is a great stone to help improve and aid you how to set realistic goals.

Healing Uses for Ruby Stones: Healers use rubies to cure any number of various ailments including indigestion and circulation issues.It also helps to fight the bodys immune system and can help with infectious diseases. 

Good for heart circulation and combats low blood pressure. It is also helpful in alleviating exhaustion. Ruby can also stimulate the adrenals, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Do you know which hand it is recommended you wear a ruby ring on? It is actually recommended that you wear this on the left hand, so as to receive the life force and have protection. This stone however does not work well with the solar plexus, so try not to wear a low hanging necklace. 


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