The higher education system has been changing rapidly in past decades, and one of the most noticeable increases has been in price. A four-year degree at a private school has increased 26% since 2004, and the price of a degree at a public school has increased 33% over the same period. As the number of students goes up, the number of graduates and job seekers also increases, and the job market is flooded with qualified applicants trying to fill fewer and fewer places.

New trends in education suggest that more and more people are pursuing training in trades and alternative forms of education to avoid the hefty price tag, and the competition after graduation. One sector that has seen dramatic growth is wellness and health, and record numbers of programs in acupuncture, reiki, meditation, yoga, and other forms of holistic therapies are available online. For many, these online programs are a fast-track to a flexible career, and for others, they’re a way to get into a higher paying job quickly to save for a more traditional degree later in life. Online programs in wellness are an excellent way to circumvent the complications and costs involved in investing in one’s education.

New Horizons

With more people working than ever before, the health complications that arise from long work days, lax health and safety regulations, and enormous corporate stress are taking their toll. Diet, exercise, and self-care are more important than ever but many people don’t have the time or expertise to take care of themselves in their limited time off work. Therapists, nutritionists, and mindfulness coaches have become more valuable in recent years, and people with qualifications in these areas, along with a broad array of other wellbeing-focused disciplines can find work in places that only years before wouldn’t have had a market. Additionally, the flexibility involved in working around people’s schedules means that those working multiple jobs can still find work on weekends and evening to supplement their income.

Unique Benefits

Massage, reiki, and angel therapy can all help put stressed minds at ease and help people center themselves to better cope with their busy lives. Other forms of readings and guidance, like tarot or life coaching are beneficial for those making difficult life and career decisions, or struggling themselves with the toll their education is taking on them financially and emotionally. The ability to help someone live a more fulfilling, balanced life is one that can keep a practitioner from burning out or resenting their work because they see how much they are helping their clients each and every day. With accreditation or qualifications in wellness practices, clients can be assured that the person with whom they are working will meet standards of professionalism, and the practitioner can be insulated from risk, and find themselves better able to operate a business. Many qualifications can be earned online, in one’s own time and according to one’s unique schedule, which makes them much easier for working parents, students, or those in unique time zones.

Other Considerations

Even if wellness practices are a personal interest rather than a professional goal, studying online can help bring the practice into focus and provide structure for independent learners. Courses aren’t often excessively long, expensive or trying, and with an online community of other students, resources and support are always available. Online education is also a great way to connect with teachers around the world who might otherwise be inaccessible without expensive travel and time commitment. Finding a program online is now easier than ever, and often costs far less than expected which makes for an excellent return on investment for those worrying about cost.

When accomodation, travel, and extortionate tuition expenses are cut out of the equation,online education is a competitive alternative to traditional higher education. Add to that the flexibility of learning, a broader array of programs and qualifications, and a much quicker entry pathway into the workforce and online wellness education is more intriguing than ever before. Many resources exist to learn more about online wellness education, so take the time to consider your goals, skills, and financial situation to see if it might be the right path for you.

Source: Guest writer Sally