A snake-like fate line is certainly not classed as good. However, the discontinuous, wave-like, messy fate line does further cause a headache. If we have taken a look at the line that manages our fate and it is messy, or unclear then we will be more uncomfortable.

1. Discontinuous Fate Line
The Luck that goes to the mid-point is fairly good and it suddenly stops. Afterward, the owner has the luck and once again the luck discontinues. The problem of the owner will be the lack of patience and determination. Fate is not easily got. As such, the owner loses the opportunity of success. The owner will change his or her job repeatedly. He or she will change his or her location of residence continuously. This kind of life is short of stability. It is best to calm down and focus on certain works.

2. Messy and Entangled Fate Line
It indicates that the line is not clear and shows a chain-like pattern. The unclear line is the proof of the unclear fate. It represents that the life of the owner often meets with the non-smooth issue or have some illnesses. (This kind of thing will not be too serious.) In fact, the sign of the problems will be shown on the word “Goals of the life”. The owner just needs to set the goals of life and goes for it in a high-spirited way. The fate line will turn clear.

3. Wave-like Fate Line
The life of the owner will be like this line. Namely, it belongs to the type of having no fixed residence and occupation. His or her life will not have great success. As the life force is weak, the luck is also depleting. This kind of people should change their life attitude and be reborn to be serious to face life. As such, fate will become better.

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