Why should you be an accredited therapsit?


IPHM Membership Includes:

Lots of various holistic therapies are now widespread however many are not recognised nor accredited, but that does not mean these therapies are not genuine. As many therapists are self taught its more beneficial than ever to register with an accreditation board that will offer you some support and is basically an umbrella for holistic and alterantive therapists. 

Your clients will also feel more confident in choosing a therapist whom they feel belongs to an accreditation board that recognises them as a professional and will help them to choose a good reputable therapsit. 


Abiding by a Code of Ethics


If you are genunine practitioner then you will of course have your own code of ethics and act responsibily when treating your clients, however sadly this is not always the case and can leave some people whom have gone to an alternative practitoner making wild and unsubstational claims which is both unfair on the client and other genuine health professionals whom take their role seriously and are not just out to make a quick dollar. 


What are code of Ethics?

The code of ethics basically describes the basic and ethical principles that all genuine complementary health practitioners agree to commit themselves to. This in turn offers a join commitment to excellence and offers the clients the security of being able to open a complaints procedure. 

All well and good but is it not expensive to become a board certified and regulated practitioner?

This can vary depending on what you are a therapist in, where you live, and what you offer. It is true that some accreditation boards charge a small fortune and the therapist does not seem to get much in return.

So why is the iphm any different?

Well this is the good news. Firstly its low cost, in fact it costs as little as buying a local newspaper or a couple of coffees each week. Plus the returns on a very small investment can mean the difference between getting more clients and increasing your business tenfold. 

Just  a few reasons why?

1. The iphm is an independent accreditation board that has been set up for this specific purpose to treat all therapsits equally and fairly - This means whether you are self taught, have gained online qualifications or have attended college, you can still join IPHM. If you offer any holistic, spiritual, alternative, beauty or counselling service then you can join. 

2. It does not matter where in the world you live - The iphm offers worlwide accreditation and providing your application is submmitted in English and you abide by our code of ethics you can join IPHM. 

3. You recieve a recognised accreditation logo that you can use on your own paperwork and website. You will also receive not only a certificate to hang in your therapy room but also a membership badge with your unique ref number showing that you are an approved and accredited therapist. You will also be able to use the letters IPHM after your name.  

4. IPHM members can also obtain the necessary insurance via a number of our insurance affilliates that specialise in complimentary cover and are aware that many members may have studied online or are self taught. Many members are also able to get a discount when proving they are an IPHM registered member. 

5. Social media is now without a doubt the most used platform to drive traffic to websites, so whether you have a special event or offer coming up and want to promote this you can do so on our events page which reaches thousands of potential clients and you can do this each month for free. Plus the IPHM will also promote you via their own facebook page which has thousands of followers.  

So if you feel you are ready to join other professional therapists so you stand out from the crowd and get yourself registered as a professional practitioner then join IPHM today. You will be very glad you did - so will your clients...


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