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Elevare BreathWav™ 200 Hour Practitioners Training

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Elevare BreathWav

Shannon Rose

Elevare BreathWav specialises in accessing the full spectrum of breath to open the waves of the body. 
When worked with diligently, the breath can open up the somatic waves of the body, the spinal wave, emotional waves, mental waves of insight, and the wider magnetic field and connection with the soul.

The BreathWav™ technique works with circular connected breathwork to access deep-set layers of the emotional body to promote inner freedom, elevation and connection.

Elevare was created by Shannon Rose after facilitating breathwork for several years and seeing the profound effect it was having on not only individuals, but whole whanau units, business’ and communities. She saw people heal from long standing fertility issues, to addictions, depression and even suicide. People came in lost in life, and were able to find themselves in a space of three hours. 

Elevare’s unique standpoint comes from our training in the subtlety of the nervous system, and how we can cater to this through the breath. BreathWav™ facilitation method is unique in the way that we do not push for a cathartic release, we simply riding the waves of the body, being open to what may arise. Practitioners are trained to attune to the group magnetic field, and craft the ceremony to best suit the space, in the moment. 

At Elevare, we work within the Te Whare Tapa Whā Model of Maori Health. In this model, all cornerstones of health must be honoured to achieve holistic health. Hinengaro (Mental & Emotional), Tinana (Physical Health), Wairua (Spiritual Health), Whanau (Family & Community). Through breathwork we are able to access this and support all these aspects to come full circle, into harmonious balance again.

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