Emiliano Amici insured

Executive Training Provider

Emiliano Amici


Viterbo VT, Italy


Courses Offered:

Online/Distance Learning - Some Practical Offered - Radiestesia Dowsing Energy Healing Energy Rebalancing Techniques Radionic Crystal Therapy Hypnosis of Energetic Transformation Mental Coaching

Emiliano Amici is a holistic operator from Viterbo (Italy). Specialized in Pranic Healing (Certificate), Dawsing, Energy Healing and Energy Evaluation. He created the "Mitakuye Oyasin" Protocol to work with the pendulum and the Lakota Indian culture.

Emiliano has been studying the world of Radiesthesia and Radionics since 2001. He has created a work protocol that unites these two disciplines with the Lakota Native American culture, also a Certified Holistic and Pranic Healer Operator.

Offering -

  • Radiesthesia
  • Radionic
  • Dowsing
  • Energy Healing
  • Tarot Coaching
  • Cleaning negative energies
  • Course in Energy rebalancing techniques
  • Radionic crystal therapy
  • Reiki Usui First Level
  • Reiki Usui Second Level
  • Reiki Usui Third Level
  • Reiki Usui Master Level
  • Dowsing with Metutelet Pendulum (Jewish Dowsing) 1° & 2° Level
  • Crystal therapy and Radionics
  • Radionics with Egyptian techniques
  • Runology 1 Level
  • Runology 2 Level
  • Sacred Symbols of Iceland
  • Radionics with Angels
  • I Ching
  • Hypnosis of Energetic Transformation
  • Mental Coaching

Magical Shamanic Lightworker Program

  • Brighid Healing Waters
  • Energy Healing for Animals
  • Chi Ball Empowerment
  • Lunar Light
  • Shamanic Recovery of the soul
  • Lunar Light Empowerment
  • Chi Ball
  • Removing energy blocks
  • Energy therapy for animals
  • Reiki for Protection
  • Lunar Light Empowerment
  • Activation of the Medicine Wheel

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