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Silent counselling is: Rapid Energy Release with Silent Counselling® The Activation Method The Quantum Leap Formula The Breakthrough Coaching Framework. Please visit profile page for more information:

JoJo Ellen's School of Healing

I am JoJo Ellen and I am a trauma-informed, emotional healing specialist, energy healer  & spiritual teacher.

I am owner of The Activation Academy membership and JoJo Ellen's School of Healing - where I certify people in fully approved and accredited mindset, healing and manifestation certification courses.

I also coach in business and career progression in the healing and coaching industry.

I have been a spiritual coach and teacher for over 6 years and have been on one heck of a self-discovery journey throughout that time! I am very knowledgeable in the mind/body connection and I'm extremely passionate about helping people to heal themselves naturally/holistically through alternative methods. 

I believe the human body is powerful and when you learn about how it truly works alongside the brain, you will have so much more of a deeper understanding of how capable we are to truly heal ourselves.

My journey started by first healing myself - I come from a background of trauma & abuse and throughout the tough times, I believe I was spiritually 'woken up' and initiated into the spiritual space to lead with love and ancient wisdom locked from deep within me. 

I have taken this wisdom, combined it with knowledge of learning & education, my own healing transformation journey and professional practise and turned it into my own bespoke healing school.

I am so deeply passionate about showing people alternative ways to heal, and to lead their lives with their own souls calling, building a business they love and living a life beyond their wildest dreams - free from limitation.

All courses I offer through IPHM are:

The Activation Method®

The Soul Activation®

Quantum Leap Formula®

The Breakthrough coaching framework®

Silent Counselling® (I may need to update this and actually add it on as a listing so please so let me know if that's the case and I can logon and do this.)

Visit my website - for more information.


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