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Courses Offered:

Online/Distance Learning - Some Practical Offered - Certificate in Beauty Nutrition Certificate in Nutritional Epigenetics and Skin-Ageing Certificate in Anti-Ageing Chocolate Alchemy Facelift Diet Practitioner Diploma

Academy of Beauty Nutrition


Turn your passion for skin-nutrition into a thriving career with Skin Nutrition Institute where you’ll dive deep into the world of: telomeres, glycation, oxidation, phytochemicals, 'superfoods', antioxidants, skin-nutrition, senolytics, inflammation, epigenetics, nutrigenomics and Nutricosmetics .Help your clients to rejuvenate at the cellular-level, build healthy skin from within and heal skin, hair and nail disorders using evidence-based nutritional dermatology. 

Skin Nutrition Institute is the only school in the world to provide practitioner-level accredited training in various aspects of skin, hair and nail nutrition. Our sophisticated online classroom makes it easy to study from home wherever you are in the world, we even have social networking built-in so you can form study groups or find your ‘study buddy’ to share the experience with.

Course graduates of all levels receive printable certificates, web badges, promotional opportunities and access to a vault of materials that are licensed for professional use with your clients. We support your success in the emerging field of beauty nutrition.

Current course list

  • Diploma in Integrative Nutridermatology (9-12 months)

Accredited CPD & Certificates:

  • Nutritional Interventions for Acne, Eczema, Rosacea and Psoriasis
  • Gut-Skin Axis and the Skin Microbiome
  • Plant-Based Skin Nutrition
  • Insulin Resistance, Glycation and Skin-Ageing
  • Nutrigenomics and Skin Health
  • Advanced Skin Hydration
  • Collagen Biosynthesis and Dietary Interventions

Short taster classes (certificate of attendance):

  • Dietary Sunscreen
  • Chocolate Nutricosmetic Science
  • Skin Hydration 101(free)
  • Protein + skin health
  • Glycaemic load and Skin Health

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