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Spiritual Flow

Believe in Yourself
Back in the 1960s, my father gave me his silver trombone and then in 1970 my parents gave me a portable cassette player for my birthday. That same week they borrowed it and went to their meditation circle and recorded amazing stuff. From that moment my belief in music, in sound, in vibration had been turned to on...I believed in myself...I knew what I would do...

By eleven I was seen with my slush pump, that is what a band master called my trombone, in a boy’s marching band. Support for private lessons in school came and went about as fast as the Little E and F March in the “Tune a Day” books. I was left with the boy’s band as my only outlet. Almost at the same time, I saw my first scary ghost, heard my grandad Bob talk on a recording, through a member of my mum and dad's spiritual meditation circle and got told by a medium in a spooky church, I was heading for great musical things. The number eleven was doing its best to encourage my spiritual enlightenment as my inner teacher continued to be nurtured!

A stint in a royal navy and its band and a territorial army band amongst other bands, catapulted me into a whole host of other instruments including percussion. Add that to my keen new age lifestyle, Reiki Master status, plus a holistic toolbox of practitioner goodies, led me to solfeggio frequencies, vibration chairs and gongs. For me, the resonance happiness just grew and grew.

We all have a talent for something, mine is resonance, yet only now since the start of my journey, do I appreciate the complexities of each situation. I have come to realise there are hundreds of healers and practitioners from all aspects of the universe, each one of them feature’s a unique and interesting aspect for creation and discovery, We, call this ‘The Journey’. Whether it is sound or crystal or a piece of firewood, it has a frequency. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration a wonderful quote associated to the work of Nicola Tesla. Still much spoken about today.

Why Sacred Sound?
Does history turn on the tap of sound. Something perhaps to consider is this. Many centuries ago, planet earth was seen to be a quiet, non-mechanical environment. No busy street to chatter away in the head, no honking horn or screech of noisy brakes to catch your attention. The music that appeared was created in the villages and tribes of the time. They too were likely to be navigating life’s challenges with wisdom and perhaps seeking to live a better life yet realising they held the guide to living. One such area of wonderment came from the sounds experienced during rituals and healings. Instruments became sacred tools of wisdom such as the flute and drum, the bowl and gong. Many groups used these instruments in different ways and perhaps ways in which we still do not understand. There are many benefits to weaving an ancient practice that seeks to turn off the fight and flight response, that interrupts the habitual patterns of stress and anxiety and opens the door to calming peace and healing.
Life can be very confusing and at times many can find themselves swept along a tricky pathway…yet with a roadmap you can navigate your way through with clarity. Sacred Sound is one such roadmap. Your satnav to Resonance is everywhere.

Sound is caused by vibrations that form a wave through some medium such as air, water, and ground. The resonance of sound, whether you hear it or not, can have profound effects on the body. Go back into historical works to find multiple references to sound. Tapping into the sound vibrations can reshape our external world and enhance our life experience.

Indian tradition uses the qualities of sounds for powerful purposes. These purposes range from building consciousness and manifesting energy to awakening the life force within us and healing. For many today Sacred Sound is a wonderful continuation of the earths own vibrating heartbeat. Everything has a frequency. Everything has a vibration!

Our Dedication to you
To all the beautiful energy in the universe. All the wonderful students and supporters that have come to Spiritual Flow workshops and courses, shows and events. Your wishes to progress on your own uniqueness in life gives us all the power to crank up the volume and get motoring. Come join our journey, learn all about vibration, create your own Gong Bath and Sound Journey. Be the one that takes your journey by storm. Love the resonance. We shall give you all the necessary tools to make this happen. From planning to performing, we offer the skill, the wisdom, the craft to empower your journey with new creations on exciting, authentic pathways.

Believe in yourself, be intuitive, enjoy your light bulb moments and most of all manifest your abundance to the full.

With much love Emrys Skye
Spiritual Flow

Courses accredited by IPHM:
  • Sound Practitioner
  • Gong Practitioner
  • Singing Bowl Practitioner
  • Crystal and Sound Practitioner
  • Tubes and Tuning Fork Practitioner
  • Binaural Practitioner
  • Meditation with the Gong
  • Sacred Sound Practitioner
  • Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3 Reiki Master/Trainer
  • Energy Healing & Gong Therapy Trainer
  • Dragon Frequency Healing Practitioner
  • Dragon Frequency Healing Master/Trainer
  • Dragon Frequency Tubes Healing Practitioner
  • Dragon Frequency Tubes Healing Master/Trainer
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