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IPHM offers subscription levels for Therapists/Practitioners as well as Course Providers/Trainers.  Membership is a great way to promote your business or training enterprise.

IPHM offers the largest list of approved modalities worldwide for complementary, holistic, spiritual and natural therapies. You can get all your workshops/online training and courses covered under one membership.  Become a Recognised Accredited Training Provider

Purpose of Accreditation process - This is to allow us to check that IPHM training providers meet the necessary insurance requirements. Once accredited, we will be able to offer accreditation to those students who have successfully completed their training with you, and they then, will be eligible to join IPHM and obtain the necessary insurance. 

Our Guarantee: With no increase on renewals as long as your subscription is kept up to date, you can benefit from a wide range of features including use of the IPHM branding on your website or blog.  Promote your own workshops or events every month for free, reaching thousands of visitors. We offer an umbrella for therapists worldwide. Holistic therapies should be available without boundaries and this is why we set up the IPHM to enable therapists and complimentary training providers worldwide to be recongnised. Members of IPHM are also eligible for a discount if requesting or requiring insurance by some of our insurance providers.

How do I get my courses accredited? 

The first step to gaining accreditation, would be to fill in the application form, this will ask you a list of relevant questions regarding your courses. If we need further information once we have received this then we will email you to request this. 

The courses you wish to offer your students should be written or offered in a professional manor and if offering training of any hands on therapies, massage, cupping, etc, the course provider should be qualified to offer these subjects to their students or should have someone holding a relevant qualification in their organisation. 

Educators - I have other people helping to teach my courses, can I include them on the application?

Ans: Yes you may but please note they will be known as Educators and will also need to make a yearly subscription payment so they can be listed separately and also linked back to your listing.  To arrange for this please request on your application to arrange.  Sub-educators will pay a fee of £84.99 per annum as opposed to paying the full Training Provider fee and you will be sent a link for either them or you to complete their application and payment. 

Certificates - The IPHM does not issue certificates to students of any training schools, you should issue your own certificates when you are happy that your students have passed your course. Once accredited you may use the IPHM logo on your certificates, website and promotional material. 

If for any reason your membership should be rejected you will receive a full refund. 

NOTE FOR BEAUTY THERAPIST TRAINING PROVIDERS ONLY  - please do not apply for membership unless you have read and understood all pre-requisites some training providers may require a Level 3 teaching Qualification 

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