Whilst the misuse of our IPHM logo is a rare occurrence, when we have been made aware of cases where potential misuse of our logo are being carried out by organisations who are fraudulently displaying the IPHM  logo on their website then we will list these here and by using our logo without permission or lapsed members still promoting they are accredited by IPHM and therefore misleading the public or clients maybe prosecuted. 

Consequently, in an effort to protect our customers and the general public, we have now developed a list of organisations that claiming to be certified by IPHM and who are using our logo, certificate or other associated collateral without consent:

  • Accademia Mindfulness - https://accademiamindfulness.com/
  • http://www.scuolamakeup.it
  • Muller Raphaël - https://www.naturopathe-du-rhin.com/naturopathe


IPHM is not currently affiliated with the above organisations and will continue to make every effort to put a stop to their misuse of our logo.

If you wish to report any other instances of the misuse of our logo, accreditation or any reference to us that you feel is misleading, please do so here.



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