1 year course in shamanism and animism

Date: January 29 - October 2nd, 2022

Contact: Samara
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Bookings now open for 2022 - Limited spaces available.

This is an intensive one year course in shamanism and animism held in Bath over 6 weekends.

Meet and develop relationships with your spirit guides, including animal, plant and nature spirits. Learn how to work with shamanic journeying techniques for your own personal healing and transformation. Learn nature connection techniques that enable you to push through boundaries to discover the WILD you. Connect with your ancestors & to the ancestral presence in the land. Explore your inner world during an overnight vision quest and sacred ceremony, feeling deeply held by the community of human, animal, plant & mineral beings that journey with you.

For more information, including course dates and booking info, please visit our website.

1 year course in shamanism and animism

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