12 week Live on Zoom Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification

Date: February 18 - May 6th, 2021

Contact: Joey Wargachuk
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This is a 12-week Crystal Healing course for Professional use with a Certificated Crystal Healer CCH Certification. evaluated and Accredited by the instructor Joey Wargachuk

Week 1: Thursday February 18th 2021 7pm est

· Introduction to Crystal Healing

· History of Crystal Healing: Chinese Stone Medicine, Healing Amulets and New Age Jewelry

· Crystal Healing Demonstration: Client Intake and multi path-Approach to monthly follow up

· Course Outline: Homework Assignments, Required Supplies and Book List

Week 2: Thursday February 25th 2021 7pm est

· Understand the Physical Body & Energetic Crystal Correspondence

· The 8 Energetic Body · Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Effects of Crystals

· Understanding Energetic impacts of Internal/External/Cosmic

Week 3: Thursday March 4th 2021 7pm est

· Intuitive Energetic Testing

· Crystals for Spiritual and Energetic Clearing and EMF Protection

· Direct & Distance Healing with crystal

· Crystal Wands & Crystal Palm stone

Week 4: Thursday March 11th 2021 7pm est

· Expanding consciousness: Chakra & Aura Awareness

· Leading Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations for self care and Groups

· Crystals & Sound Healing

· Crystals & Herbs/Teas

· Crystals & essential Oils

· Crystals & Gem Waters/Elixers

See Website for full course outline and more details

12 week Live on Zoom Crystal Healer Practitioner Certification IPHM

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