Akashic Connections Oracle Card Workshop

Date: June 27th, 2021

Contact: Vicky Sweetlove
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Akashic Alchemist Wisdom Oracle Card Workshop with Vicky Sweetlove
27th June 2021 £128.00 to include (oracle cards) 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In this amazing insightfiul workshop you will learn how to use various card spread. The three card spread shows the past, present and future, seven card spread for the reading of the chakras and the five card spread for guidance. You will know how to make the changes in your life with the guidance from the cards, together with “Journeying” to the upper world to meet your spirit guides.

You will gain knowledge from the most “burning” questions that you have in your life at this moment. If you feel stuck, unable to move forward, needing guidance to help you move into whatever you need to make progress at this time. The Akashic Connections Oracle Cards can be used by practitioners as an extra tool in the toolbox or as general guidance each day.

The workshop, will enable you to connect with your card deck in meditation, using your intuition and all your senses. You will then journey to the lower world to meet your animal spirit guide to assist you in the unravelling of the guidance, you receive from the reading of your cards that you choose randomly for each reading today.

Throughout the process you will be guided to choose the cards that you will work with intuitively. There will be Journeys to the upper world where your akashic guide will give you further assistance and guidance in the “library of life”.
You will know how to use the three card spread, five cards for resolution and the chakra card spread for the energetic rebalancing of home and you.

You will also have written guidance from your journeys and how to move forward and take the next step in your life. This is not the end this is just the beginning. You can use the cards every day or once a week for more guidance.

For more information contact Vicky: www.vickysweetlove.com or email: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Akashic Connections Oracle Card Workshop

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