Astro Tarot

Date: October 2 - 4th, 2020

Contact: Geetanjali Saxena
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Register NOW -   Tarot reading is a huge part of my life, and I do believe they serve as both guidance (positive) and as warnings (negative) more than a prediction. Not sure if that makes sense, so let me break it down. Tarot is a way to gain insights on a situation or question that’s been lingering within your soul. People are sceptic about it, which they have every right to be, but it’s all about perspective. Most people are also unaware that astrology and tarot often go hand in hand. I like to use a mix of both for more spiritual guidance, understanding, and overall insight.

In my findings, when you work with different tarot cards you will gravitate towards whichever system you’re comfortable using, so word of advice: NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR INTUITION. It’s also good to keep note that everyone has their own way of interpreting both astrology and tarot reading. Our intuition guides us in different directions. Together Tarot and Astrology are like two peas in a pod, perfectly paired. Tarot has astrological connections, which are thought to have been first combined by the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn". The origins of both tarot and astrology date back to ancient times, however, tarot was reimagined into what we know today during the Renaissance period Those connections are of the major arcana.

The astrological concept is applied and broken down further in the minor arcana by an elemental grouping. Each astrological sign has a tarot card association. Tarot and Astrology are really two tools working from the same energy source in a harmony that can't be denied, and with this workshop, we intend to teach you how you can combine astrology and tarot in a way to give remedies and understand the deep-rooted causes of inexpressible phenomenon’s. The deeper you look into it, you will see despite having been created separately they work together perfectly. To connect with your Astro - Tarot visualization and becom

Astro Tarot

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