Awaken The Shaman Within- Full Introductory Day

Date: August 14th, 2020

Contact: Paul O'Halloran
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All are welcome to join us on a full introductory day on the way of the shaman. Shamanism is one of the oldest traditions on Earth, common to all native peoples, yet it is so relevant to today and the healing of a person’s heart and soul. It helps people to let go of the hurts of the past cleaning them right to the level of their spirit. It helps us to connect to nature and heal ourselves as we remember the deepest parts of our being. It is about experiencing the world of spirit, whilst living an ordinary life. It is not a religion or philosophy but is a connection that helps us to remember who we really are. The event will include some simple tools and techniques used in shamanic healing.

Come and experience the way of the shaman and awaken your connection to the Medicine Wheel. About Grey Elk (Paul): Paul is an Igqirha, (Xhosa word from Southern Africa meaning shaman/healer). His name from the Cree Nation is Grey Elk. Each shaman will have been initiated in a tribal lineage although the calling to the work comes from your heart – if you are not sure come along and chat to Paul after the event.

For more information visit our website The cost of the workshop is 50 euro. A 20 euro non-refundable, non- exchangeable deposit is required to hold the place as they are limited. We ask that you please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or cant make it. Thank you. To book follow this link:

Awaken The Shaman Within- Full Introductory Day

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