'Being You' Retreat - Expansion & Freedom - Held in North Devon

Date: May 16 - 19th, 2020

Contact: Tracee Cullen
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Replenish & Soul Transformation ‘BEING YOU’ Retreat – UK Retreat for 2020.. Deeply nurturing leading to EXPANSION. Tracee Cullen – Intuitive|Channel|Healer Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – Delivering Spiritual Retreats since 2011. We have worked so intently on ourselves, been spiritually ‘busy’ – Awakening, shifting our perceptions, unravelling and becoming.. for several years. It has been profound and essential and now the soul needs to relax into this to receive the natural expansion to evolve.. to do so with Peace, Truth & Alignment. Always for these very special retreats, I feel deeply and they are created with LOVE & UNITY.

'Being You' Retreat - Expansion & Freedom - Held in North Devon

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