Chios Energy Distance Healing

Date: November 2 - 30th, 2020

Contact: Kim Ramsey-Winkler
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Beginning November 2, 2020, I'm excited to resume offering Chios Energy Healing by distance! These distance sessions provide nearly all the same benefits as an in-person session, with the added benefit of being safe during the current times.

For a distance session, the client and I meet on Zoom or Facebook Video Messenger for a short consultation, followed by about 30 minutes of rest and relaxation for the client (lying down in the setting of their choosing) while I perform the Chios distance techniques in my location. At the end, I touch base again with the client to go over the session and offer any suggestions I might have that will help them continue the healing work until their next session.

During my recent hiatus from offering sessions, I've gained a new Chios certification, Master of Healing Consciousness, and I'm pleased to offer the additional benefits of these techniques to my clients.

For more information, to schedule a session, or to contact me, please visit my website,

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