Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Date: December 17 - 19th, 2021

Contact: Dr Geetanjali Saxena
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Anyone who is willing to heal from within can be benefitted by a hypnosis session.

Just a desire to release all the diseases & willingness to surrender completely can help the person transform his life by hypnosis.

It is also a myth that while under a hypnotic session, one loses awareness, rather it is just the opposite.

Under a session, the person is in a complete awareness state not only of the conscious mind but also is aware of the subconscious programming.

The difference in the conscious state & hypnosis state is that one is more aware & more accepting of suggestions without any judgements in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and even animals are capable of experiencing hypnosis spontaneously.

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Diploma in Hypnotherapy

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