Energy Reading Foundation Course

Date: September 7 - November 9th, 2021

Contact: Yair Sagy
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This energy reading course is open to anyone interested in Energy Reading. It is an interactive, practical and experiential course taught by Yair Sagy, the founder of Infinite Being Academy.

The aim of the course is to introduce Energy Reading methods and tools. You will discover, nurture and support your own personal energy reading abilities.

The essence of the work is BEING: learning to be a mirror and applying it in a therapeutic way, to yourself and to others.

The 10 weekly sessions will cover:

  • Developing the ability to see and feel the energy fields of yourself and others. Also the energy fields of plants, animals, mountains, objects etc.
  • Learning to see and feel energy exchange in relationships between people, objects and in nature
  • The theory and practical experience of the mind-body relationship
  • Understanding the human energy systems including: chakras, aura and meridians
  • Recognising imbalances in the chakras, the aura and the meridians
  • Diagnosing imbalances through changes in breathing patterns
  • Identifying and releasing blocked energy in yourself and others
  • Learning to interpret the language of energy reading
  • Discovering your own unique and intuitive way of reading and working with energy

This course is delivered in a practical, experiential and interactive format
All sessions are facilitated live via Zoom
Sessions are very practical and you will be working with fellow students.
Guided meditations, guided visualizations, nature observations, breathing techniques, Qi Gong and creative dance are also featured in the sessions
The sessions are taught in a relaxed, fun and dynamic way with a lot of awareness on the group’s energy, which constantly changes… like life itself.
There will be experiential assignments between sessions, to continue the learning.

The course is fully accredited for those already practicing in the healing arts.

10 weekly online sessions
Each 90 minute class runs from 10 to 11.30 am CET

Energy Reading Foundation Course

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